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Beautiful ladies want flirt Newport News

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I like learning and reading. Nfws Beautiful ladies want flirt Newport News forgotten this amazing feeling, simply pick up a novel you loved in the past. I can not host most of the time.

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State by State Listing. Email addresses are kept strictly private! Didn't find the Aby you were looking for? Perhaps one of the retired Abys would be a good alternative for you. Im declawed, neutered, and up to date on all my shots. They say I'm quite mellow and healthy for a 15 year old. I have a Maine Coon buddy, Zuni, who is also looking for a home. We'd like to be together since weve been bonded for our entire life and we just couldnt bear the thought of another loss.

He is extremely loving and cuddly and always wants to be around people. We have a 2 year old and another baby on the way and unfortunately for him, my children come first. He really needs a true cat lover for an owner, someone that would appreciate his strong personality! He is super sweet and very loyal to his owners.

He does well with my daughter, has never shown any signs of aggression towards her, but is obviously afraid of her and runs away if she tries to pet him. He is excellent with older children though. CraigsList - Owners were helped by So. Aby Rescue to find a way to fit him into their busy household and they are all happy now together. He looks just like a mountain lion in real life. Strikingly handsome and ready for a permanent home.

Phoenix, Arizona 7 yr old ruddy female Abyssinian. They would like to be adopted as a pair. Phoenix, Arizona Adult ruddy neutered male Abyssinian. Active, beautiful but not a lap cat, likes to be petted but not held. Southern California Abyssinian Rescue who fixed him up and found him a wonderful home very quickly!

Prescott, Arizona 4 yr old female ruddy Abyssinian. I am a cute, healthy Abyssinian. I am a 'Princess' and would prefer not to have any other pets in my forever home. Bella Vista, Arkansas 6 month old ruddy male Abyssinian kitten. He looks more like a mountain lion then a cat. He did have some teeth pulled because of the neglect he suffered before. He loves to sleep on the foot of the bed and loves wet food as a snack.

Redding, CA 4 year old ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Xena. These poor babies were forced to live in tiny cages, stacked one on top of the other and never cleaned. As you could imagine they came to us with some serious health issues, but nothing that couldn't be cured with medication, proper diet, and a clean environment.

This girl probably suffered the most but as you can see now, she is happy and healthy. Xena is about 3 to 4 years old, very friendly and sweet but if you know the breed, they can be quite active, almost wild in nature sometimes. Zena resembles a miniature cougar, with that lithe, muscular body structure. Anyone who adopts this precious girl will be very lucky. If you'd like to find out more about the breed, please do some research before applying.

Xena is NOT good with other cats or dogs. IF you have questions, feel free to call our Executive Director, Janie Hopper at evenings after 6 p. I am a ten year old fawn girl and I just want to be loved. I can sit next to you while you are doing whatever humans do and be very happy. While you are doing that I will just relax and be my beautiful self. My purrfect home would be with a single person that is very quiet.

I am very fortunate for my foster mom and dad because my life would have been very difficult without them. I am declawed on all four paws, am deaf and have an auto-immune skin condition which requires a simple pill every day. If you want to take me home then visit the web page. Pleasanton, CA 5 yr old declawed ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Alice.

For the first couple of months, anytime Alice did not agree with her foster mom leaving the room or getting too near her when she was eating, she would attack her foster mom's feet and lower legs.

We see this with upset declawed cats at times. But Alice has moved beyond where she was. With patience and time, Alice has become the girl she is today. Now she comes into the house, follows her foster mom around, lays near her or sits in her lap when she watches TV. Alice allows kissing, hugging on her terms and petting while she is eating. She is a talker so be prepared to carry on a conversation.

Alice eats high quality, grain free cat food and does better on canned food than dry food, which unsettles her stomach at times. Her foster mom is happy to talk to potential adopters about the best diet for Alice.

Alice is not a cat for everyone. She should not be in a home with young children and really likes men, although she has become very close to her foster mom. She would prefer to be an only cat or with another calm girl and would probably do well with a gentle dog. Ravenna needs to be kept on a raw food diet as she is prone to gaining weight and also having some intestinal issues if she doesn't get a good quality food. She really loves a cooked diet too.

She is ultra affectionate like many Abys are and wants to be with you helping you in any way possible. She gets along with dogs and some cats. If you are interested in meeting her please contact us for an application and we can tell you more about this wonderful girl. Davis, CA 8 yr old cinnamon neutered male Abyssinian named Otis. I had been with her my whole life and we really loved each other.

Right now I am living with my owner's son, who is very concerned about finding the right home for me. I have been with him for 8 weeks and if I do say so myself, I have adapted very well to my new environment. Being an Aby, I play a lot and even though we are not known to be lap cats, I do nap in laps from time to time.

I enjoy people and love to be petted and will reward you with rubs and head butts. Oh and I will want to sleep with you. If you have been around an Aby boy, you will know we are very loving and want to be with our owners. You will be happy to know that I have no destructive habits , like scratching inappropriately or spraying and am strictly an indoor boy. Hey, you never know what dangers lurk outside. I lived with another cat at my owner's house.

Even though we didn't play together, we still respected each other and I have to admit it was nice to have someone else around for company. But if you have another gentle cat, be sure to introduce us slowly, please. Recently, I went to the vet and I'm a healthy boy. All my vet records will come with me to my new owner. Are you the lucky person that I will share my life with?

Owner was older and could not live on his own anymore, so Sir Tut ended up in a "shelter" then rescued from there by Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue after losing a lot of weight and being very unhappy there, poor guy.

Is now lots better! He is less reasonable about other cats, so needs to go into a home that has a cat-friendly gentle dog, or only-cat home. He has many good years of life left! Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. He is very loving and extremely devoted to his person but does NOT want to share with another cat and can become fiery in their presence. He recently has taught himself how to use the toilet. He has not had health problems - he recently had a dental and has lost all the babyfat he had when he came into rescue and is ready to find a home.

We have no info about how Apples came to be in the So California shelter where we found her. She arrived with a rather rough coat so we have been giving her high quality food, baths and flea med's. She probably is allergic to fleas. She grows more lovely by the day. Her blue coat has peachy overtones which are very becoming and go with her beautiful green eyes that set off her colors so perfectly.

She is a lovely, playful friendly young girl. She LOVES attention and will make her pleasure known with much purring and rubbing of her head all over you. She is such a nice little girl. She has a tender heart and sweet nature. Apples is friendly to other cats although we don't know about dogs I would guess she would probably be ok with them.


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This is a tough issue to work with, and my heart goes out to you. I am hoping that there is an underlying reason that your wife is rejecting you, and that once this reason is discovered, it can be worked on.

I hope for a healthy resolution for you. For Part Two of this article, click here. Should I move on… There is one child who is 16 years old as well in the house The Son and her sleep in one room and I Sleep in another so strange…What to Do?

He plays video games all day and my wife watches Tv by her self…… Dysfunctional to say the least…………………. I came home after three and a half years Under water on submarines, Its actually worse than incarceration with no contact or sun not even any word from any one for three years as the rest of the crews I served with got in the form of a family gram.

When I was asked to reup I was sick of being singled out for every emergency replacement on other boats. So The only half hour I was allowed to talk to my wife when they came down for thanksgiving I told her, my mother and father that I was not reenlisting. I already had orders to report to the west coast. My father wife and mother left for the mid west.

It was with an auto manufacturer building transmissions, I had the contract book in hand telling me the rights and seniority I had were now at nine years seniority with my honorable discharge and I had more than sixty percent of the work force, I had so many hopes when I came home only to have everything thrown in my face by my wife, family and the community, My greeting was not from an anxious glad wife when I arrived at my fathers front door that morning.

My greeting was a note from my father to take the sofa. I wanted some time to have a honey moon with my wife and get set up with a place to live before going back. It was coming down to an all out fight with him over my defiance starting in my first words to him and my mother got between us and begged me to just do as my father wanted.

That first capitulation on my part started the next 28 years of my enslavement.. I was put directly on to second shift that evening without even seeing my wife. I got off the next morning tired and was going home at 3: I again was greeted by the same stinking note.

My father thought the next morning I was going to go look for a place to live without her and put the I was discharged with in the bank, I was also bloody hungry since I had not had any thing since leaving the boat but coffee. That was five days before. So this time I stood my ground when he punched me in the face screaming I did not have to have my wife around to chose a place to live just hit the bricks.

MY reaction was to grab his shirt front and trap him against the ceiling of his living room. I was yelling back if I had to I would use his dead body as a wreaking bar until I found my wife as I tore bulkheads out with him.

My mother, brother and sister as well as my wife were begging me to put my father down. She was supposed to remain out of sight until they felt they had full control on me. The state had just ensured I would never be able to rid myself of her. The next day that hope was ended after I put my shift preference in the evening before for day shift. We went to military relocation and arranged for delivery of the things I had shipped from south Carolina while I had discharged, Got the utilities arranged as well as cable and phone.

It was the person I was bumping to seconds and her mother. I did not even know who I was bumping and frankly cared less. It was an area managers Daughter in my plant with six months seniority to my nine years.

Just nine months before she was high school homecoming queen and looking to daddy to get her a good job. This pretty 19 year old blond was crying on my fathers shoulder about his mean son taking her shift and was going to trash her life. HE comes into my house the next day after I trapped them in the drive, I had my wife things ready to go and the Guardianship ready to go to.

The Jerk swept my cane and laughed asking my wife how had she ever ended up with me the pathetic looser in life. I fractured his scull and broke most the bones above mid chest after hitting him in the head with my thrown cane. I also slapped my wife across the room when she tried to stop me. I decided that That was not going to happen until she kept the first one made to me in our marriage 31 years before.

I had sweated, bleed and been exhausted for years and she played on my dime. Now she owed me, and I was going to collect even if I broke her in half. I did not give her the choice that evening about sex. Then I started on my fathers friend 45 minutes latter as I tried to put him through my father and mothers windshield from my deck.

He instead hit face first in the drive. I do not apologize for any thing that evening, he tired BSing me about being a mayors aid and had the right to enter any place he wanted in the city. Then when I shot back I wanted to see a badge and warrant first he shoved me saying out of my way crip. So that was why he went on his flight. From that evening on I have hit first and not allowed the first interference. My wife sits and says all she wanted was peace and I just cause is grief. Am real sorry for the gentleman; I have the same predicament but I have very beautiful lady we are doing sufficient twice a week.

Guy move on and salvage yourself. I am a female who has the problem. I have a low sex drive. Sex was never brought up in my house, and I last I know I have a mild case of depression. I think that has been going on since I was a child, but no one seems to care.

Along with other possible issues…. I definitely feel everything is my fault and I am a very unhappy person. Also, I have talked with therapist with horrible responses. I need to find someone who is going to help, not just talk and see it is not natural. Sexual intercourse is physically easy for a woman. All she has to do is to be cooperative and at least warm toward her husband. Or suddenly ask him if he got the garbage out. At least she shows that she cares enough to receive him.

My wife has this time announced that she has no interest in intercourse or even intimacy beyond snuggling in bed. This has resulted in total inability to attain an erection while awake, though I have them almost every night while sleeping. She becomes angry and snide, expressing her happiness at my awake impotence. My problem with sex with my husband was not a lack of drive, Being bi polar my manic highs came with the need for sex so bad it hurt.

For decades I felt the problem was my husband , with not being satisfied with what was offered in other parts of his ife with things like shifts. His father and others wanted me to control his , keep him from using rights he accrued. It started out as withholding sex for the two years after his return from the navy and reinstating off his military leave.

Under the UAW contract he worked under he came home with more than 60 percent of the recently doubled work force. This meant he could walk in the door and take the jobs , shifts , work or refyse none percent overtime, and work or refuse holidays as he pleased, also after a year back his seniority gave him the vacation slots he applied for. Within the first three days he was pinning his father against the living room ceiling yelling at him if I was not standing next to him in under two minutes he was going to use his father as a wreaking bar to tear out bulkheads until he found me.

That one scene still scares me out of my wits. He did not even seem human. That evening he got the news that I am bi polar by receiving a state assigned guardianship from a deputy. The next afternoon I was telling him that if he did not cause grief in the community, just for two years, just let his seniority sit. Then that was when we could start a sex life and family with the areas society not able to be angry he returned.

I just wanted to have the life in peace. Two years latter I was begging him to back off the trip to Rome to let a young girl go and marry in his department on the vacation slot he was approved for. Two years before she was the one to start the last argument leading to my dictate about waiting 2 years when my husband was going yo bump her of days and go himself to get off seconds. I finally got him to talk to me about the Rome vacation.

He was planning to use iy as the start of our marital life like I promised. When I got him to back off again I had to swear on my bible that any time, any way and any where he wanted after our return I would be a willing sex partner and travel companion.

After the wedding in Rome we were eating at a nice place and the subject of my husbands being a jerk came up, I reminded every one he had not had a day off since before our wedding day over five years before.

It was even suggested where we should go, Hawaii, Barbadoes. Jamaca or The Bahamas, We did not look into the availability to get those time my husband had the first week we were gone.

On the flight home I had a peace gift and dreams of a tropical hotel to start our married life finally, We landed to hell on earth with my husband leaving that day with only one planed stop his grandfathers and uncles in Wyoming for three days then wherever he pointed the vans nose for three weeks.

He even had camping gear in the back in case we could not find vacancys. Before the next 45 minutes was out I was on a bus east to my mothers. His father is on the phones in the terminal geting a court order to make my husband work. He worked everyday but six from May 28th to October 24th In that time it went from a court order forcing him to work to May of when her dislocated my shoulder throwing me across an office getting the cancelation check from me over the Orient express trip, the ninth tri year vacation to Europe without him.

I was making arrangement for his now five weeks starting January the second thinking he could wait just seven more months for a vacation of five full weeks in St. Croix he could take his personal time to replace the holidays he was going to be expected to work through. He was waiting for nothing any longer when h took that money that was going to be given freely over Christmas.

Instead he gets it throwing me across an office and getting his passport back back making seven men pry his fingers off his fathers throat. All over lousy time off and sex. The reason I know the exact day he last worked was on October 24th he had let himself become so depressed his immune system shut down, Allowed a MRSA abscess to form in his spine. He just never found a joy in just working and helping others in his work. We arrived to the nurses telling us he tried to stand when he woke and went straight to the floor.

The doctor was telling him he was probably spending his life in a wheel chair. My husband was saying he would be out of rehab by the next vacation he knew was planed for a cruise to cancun wen his father started yelling that he was a cripple and now a burden He would shut his mouth and accept what was given his father did not make it out of the room before a stainless steel bedpan slammed off his face I out ran the urinal.

I started seeing an old boyfriend tired of always hearing I stoll his life. My husband caught us on January the next year. My AP at least was not always angry with me just for doing the favors I had for everyone keeping my husband in line. My AP decided he was going to play a joke on my husband and swept his cane asking while laughing how did I end up with my looser husband.

The evening my husband came home I was getting ready for a dinner event with my husbands mother, father and his fathers best friend. Coming out of my bedroom I ran square into my husbands chest.

I knew with his sarcastic remark about good he had not been out in 31 years where were WE going. I told him I promised the evening six months before Tried offering a to meet any where he wanted in four hours. He informed me he said the only judge and arbiter of our house. I just wanted to try and find a solution to the resentments he had built. I was begging and pleading could we just talk things through. I finally ran, he ripped ever stich off of me and I was crying this did not have to be that way.

I stay scared of trying to interfere. Sex is many things for women, but easy is not one of them. What you are advocating is sexual abuse at best and violent rape at worst. How do I know this? The trick ladies to reclaiming your sex drive is often simple, immediate and completely effective. If you desire your husband, wish to have sex with husband, and feel loved and respected during sex, your feelings matter sex is easy. You know deep in your body and soul that he hate loaths and despises you and that you will never be sexually safe in his present.

This man is what Dr Townsend and Dr Cloud call a boundary resist spouse. He is trying to sexually control you. He will try to force you to endure things you find sexually revolting. He sees marriage as a justification to disregard your wishes, betray your trust, guilt trip manipulate you and bully you into making choices he wants not what you want, and he knows he makes your stomach church and your skin crawl when he has sex with you.

He knows you feel violated, degraded and betrayed. You feel violated, degraded and betrayed because you are. Not only do you have to endure your husbands mind games to get sex when your not willing, he also wants you to lie about your feelings, whether or not you enjoy sex, to hide any physical pain that comes up during the act and maybe fake orgasms too.

This has nothing to do with mutual pleasure, love, or intimacy. Your desires matter to consentual sex. Your wishes matter to consentual sex. A man who wants to be wanted and wants to please you would never ask you to just lie there and take it.

He would only have sex if you wanted it because your desires and arousal are an essential part of sex for him. A man who will hurt you and violate you emotionally for his sexual pleasure is not better or different than one who will hurt physically, and he very well may for you physically in the future. Your choices matter to consentual sex. There is nothing easy about long foreplay sessions, orgasm, multiple orgasms, giving blow jobs, or riding a man.

We all know that. And to the man take some responsibility for yourself. You are the abuser here not the victim. Take responsibility for your choice to remain in the marriage with the obligation to love your wife and not have other people that have freely chosen you will continue to honor. Or work out an alternative. Or get divorced and find someone who actually wants sex. I have a theory about why women file for divorce more than men.

Girls who grew up in abusive homes and have an insecure attachment, are more likely to develop a secure attachment style as an adult, than boys from abusive homes. Marriage is the same kind of attachment bond for adults, that the parent child bond is for young children. I think women are more emotionally resilient than men, so when a relationship goes bad, or always was bad women are more likely to accept reality, take responsibility for themselves and move on.

Why stay around justifying abuse, being miserable, and complaint about sex and getting more and more hateful to your wife and poisoning your kids? You are right to not want antidepressants. They do more than just kill sex drive. Now, how do you live with it?? There is never any excuse. It only takes a few minutes. My wife refuses to have sex with me.

She has had many medical issues. Most of the time, she complains of pain. She truly has had a myriad of medical issues. For one, she has a very severe case of Fibromyalgia, along with arthritis. She has had over 30 surgeries. She has had all kinds of semi major and minor surgeries. She has had over 10 knee surgeries, carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve surgeries in both hands, bone spur and ganglion cysts removed from all over her body mainly because they were affecting nerves in her limbs that were vital to function.

To top it all off, she has had a full hysterectomy. I think we have had it twice in the last year. The Fibromyalgia is the most prevalent issue. I have done much research myself. I know from talking to and reading the accounts of many sufferers that sex is not something that makes them feel good when it flares.

I am ready to find someone in a similar situation outside the marriage. I am going crazy and I am tired of feeling as if I need to climb the walls. She had both knees replaced along with both hips. Also a shoulder reconstruction, hysterectomy, carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and a lap band to tie her stomach shut.

Due to all this she claims she battles depression. I do feel for her. To make a long story short IMO she has some serious psychological issues. Her latest self help therapy is getting 13 tattoos and piercings everywhere. So, back to the original subject, my wife refuses to have sex. Right now I am pondering over the subject of having an affair for my own sanity. I do feel guilty thinking about cheating but what shall I do?????

She is morally obligated to have sex any time you want to. Oh dear you still depend on your wife for sex? Look around there are so many beautiful women around you! Travel around, make some guy friends, hit the pubs and discos and enjoy your life. Take care of your kids though. Pick up a sport or go to a good social club after office. Make business associates and friends. I did something similar to my ex-wife and it really frustrated her greatly!!!

I plan to still keep doing this until my father passes away. All the above has been tried. I am at the end of my rope. My wife refuses counseling. Refuses to talk about any of this with her doctor. I have made sure that her dream of being a stay-at-home mommy has come true.

We are not hurting financially and I more than carry my load of the household chores and childcare. She even brags of me doing that to her friends. I have asked her if an affair is going on. That just brings on greater resentment and anger.

They are just too precious to me. The thought of having my time limited with them by some court is just something I will not accept. However, I am told almost every other day that I am stupid, an idiot, and that I am dense and have no common sense, just if I disagree with her or stand up for myself.

I know you do not want a divorce but you might haveb to get one… Your twins will understand you! Divorcing someone who does not love you anymore or calls you names is not someone who you need in you live. Just go to a lawyer to see what your choices are. This sounds very similar to what I am going through… I have made no head way either.

Sorry to say this, but i grew up with crazy woman and woman are NOT precious BUT extremely dangerous to everybody around them… get away from her…. They can be manipulative and indirectly mess with your emotions to set up you and make you look bad. Your wife, from you post i could be wrong sounds like a real bad person and you need to get away from her in the most peaceful way.

Do not mingle too much with her, sounds like shes waiting for the excuses to make you look bad and turn your image into a sack of potatoes…. Trust me i was the third party that saw it first hand, and it hurt myself at a young age to see it and growing up witnessing my family go through it.

I ended up putting ny foot down and drawing lines … but memories and damages to children never go away.. Your wife, is a person and she is probably too old and mature to change the way she thinks. So you need to be man, put your foot down and leave.

You draw the line of who you are and what you stand for and i am sure your children will appreciate the strong father that supports them. Get ready to pay per month min. And thats ok, you tell the court the dead honest truth. They are not stupid, your wife will use ur words and actions against you. Leave now so you win the custody battle. Cause shes preparing to screw you up! Married for 18 years, very low intimacy starting 16 years ago before 1st child was born , totally gone for the last 5 years.

Like you, I love my children so much that I cannot fathom the pain of sharing custody. Also our financial situation would not allow divorce and keeping homeschooling. Like you, my wife refuses to talk about intimacy and pretends that the fact of talking about it is the reason she is not interested… From my counselor, I got that awesome mantra that keeps me going whenever my energy is low: This gives me back my power.

In spite of loving my wife very dearly, I know that, when the children are of-age, I will decide to end this relationship and let go with love and compassion, for I have little to no hope that the situation will evolve by then even though I keep bringing it every month or so.

Good luck to you. For over 12 years he has treated me mostly like crap. He is a gambler who works a lot for his addiction. Never has sought therapy for it either. Telling me what are you doing with the a month I give you. I take the money because at least now I can shop, a bit anyways. I buy groceries, clothes, gas, my school, etc. Yet he has no problem finding jobs and quits them like no big deal. He also, continues to publicly yell at me and blames me for everything.

I have never cheated on him and never will he would kill me. If he does divorce me, I will be sad, but will move on with my 11 year old son and never look back. He is also infatuated and mesmerized with white women. I will not compete nor feel like I should so I am punishing him with no sex no intimacy but converse just enough with him to secure my bi-weekly money, which at this point I value much more than him.

By the way, he never shares his winnings and he has won big! He is controlling and he speaks to me very harshly. Yes I realize I am in a verbally abusive relationship and wished that I had left him the first week we met, because this was the first time of abuse.

When I read how other women are withholding sex from their husbands, I felt the need to explain why some of us choose to do so. I am just shocked to read such posts. Well at least I know that I am not alone in the world. My wife completely refuses all forms of intimacy up to and including holding hands. Not only that, but she also refuses to attend any business function or black tie event. This has been going on for about four years. When she gets dressed or undressed, it is done behind 3 locked doors the bedroom,bathroom and closet so no one can see her naked.

We are the only two in the house. I have no children and she has two both are college graduates. We are both highly educated and professionally employed in the healthcare field. Neither of us drink or gamble. I would divorce her so fast it would make your head spin. Same here for a few years… I unfortunately deal with the wrong way and cheat on her. I feel better and she is left alone.. I just wanted to say that I experience exactly the same problems in my marriage of no intimacy.

In my earlier career I came across this professionally many ,many times. I was a divorce lawyer and I saw it from both husbands and wives who sought my assistance. People are massively complex. Regrettably I believe that counselling and therapy only work if both parties are wiling to try. It is a lot easier to retreat into denial and carry on with the compensatory daily routine.

What I think I do know is that anger ,impatience and dramatic decision making is unlikely to produce a satisfactory result. My story begins when I was married around a 2 years back, all things were seems great and wonderful but something worse happens when Almighty God blessed me with a very beautiful daughter. People like you take pleasure in going through hard times. You brought his on yourself and your next relationship WILL be a mirrored experience, meaning the same thing will happen again until you get your act together.

Maybe if you put all the effort towards him as you put in spying on him, then maybe he would still be around. After all, these two have just learnt a lot about each other. If a new and strong channel of communication has been formed as a result of what you have both been through, please be sure to use this channel to tell him what you really, really like. Learning what excites you will probably excite him, and who knows, it will happen more often for both of you, and you will both be satisified.

Sex is something to be explored and is a learning curve. See it as part of the foundation for a strong relationship. Take his hand and take him to places you both want to go!!! Well no wonder he goes to escorts!

If you actually showed him some intimacy and had sex with him he would not have wandered off. I am also in the sexless marriage club. Seven times this year and dont bring it up I might piss her off even if its brought up in a loving way. We have been married for 18years and sex has been a struggle for most of them absolutely no headway. I cook and clean take care of the yard and maintenance on the house plan dates we go camping take the occasional trip oh I also have taken over paying the bills have always done homework with our son take him to baseball practice twice a week.

With a ton of stress off her she should have a few extra minutes to relax and focus on our marriage but its just not happening at a loss here mot feeling the drive to keep going in this mess. Any advice is welcome but I think I need to research how to deal with divorce. I was married for 9 years when the exact same thing started. Went on for about 3 more years before the final breakdown commenced.

Till that point she always avoided the subject, shrugged it off or ridiculed me for my having a problem with it. When the isht hit the fan, I told her that I was leaving to find someone who could uphold their side of the wedding vows. I served 11 years in the Marine Corps and after my discharge I landed a financial dream job contracting. This went on for about another year before I came to the conclusion and an accurate one that she liked her labor free lifestyle.

So once again I told her I was done and I left. What she does there will determine the outcome for you two but I can most certainly agree that it will not be a bad thing for you. I hated Parris Island when I went there but I can say it was the best thing I did and I hated leaving my wife but it was the best thing I did. I would like some advice from all you readers please. I married my wife 10 years ago to give her herGreen card did it for free because I care for her very much.

She also got her citizen ship. I asked her if she cheating on me and she said no. I know that was a sign, there is so many signs but I keep on ignoring them because I love my daughter. I know I give it my all, and I also pray. Now God open up my. Now God has open up my from darkness to light. I spoke to my mom and siblings and each person has different opinion we are all a Christian family.

My wife began ignoring intimacy 3 yrs after marriage.. Then, she wanted kids and intimacy was wonderful until after the second child. Now, no intimacy at all.. Nothing for over 37 years now.. I stay in the marriage for financial reasons and religion. That said, the lack of intimacy is overwhelming.. Why do women do that to their men? They use sex to get a guy and after the wedding ring goes on, they refuse it.. This is probably why the divorce rate is so high. That wedding ring gives them some sort of underlying power which guys are helpless against..

I should have listened to my friends who told me not to marry. I am angry about it and can tell my feelings for are far from what they used to be.. There has never been any abuse, hatred or nastiness between us… I was happy until she began shutting me off..

I feel for you — the fact is that your wife is sinning against you by withholding herself from you. My wife does the same — it hurts.

Trapped in a sexless and loveless marriage…. My husband when he came home from three and a half years of submarine deployment 1st of June Came home expecting to have the same as every other person in the area, His seniority at work to count for something, a home life that included sex, holidays off, vacations that his accrued seniority could get him. However when he came home with more accrued seniority than 60 percent of the workforce of , Under the UAW contract his seniority continued to build while on military leave.

This meant under the national contract, he could come back go from a shift he did not want to a shift and job he did want, he could make people with less seniority work holidays, and weekends he did not want to work.

Take the vacation slots he wanted over lesser seniority. This was a problem that was bought to my attention six months before his navy discharge by his father. He had friends that had less seniority than my husband, other friends had children and family that had less seniority than my husband. His father begged me to help keep my husband from coming home after he refused reenlistment, and disrupting the lives of others in the area just because he had more seniority, The only influence I could exert was through sex denial.

It was started over a young girl with six months seniority on days, She was a pretty blond 19 year old who if she was bumped to seconds because my husband wanted off seconds, that shift would have devastated any social life for this girl. Within three days of my husbands return he slammed out of his fathers house going to the house we had just rented with a thin foam mat and his army blanket and his sleeping bag.

His mother was just about flattened on his way out. He would barely say two words a day to me the next two years then it was only ok roomie. Then he was planning with me to go on a vacation to Rome with me and the group. We were leaving for Rome the day before Memorial day , when his father came over after he left for work with a demand that my husband cancel his vacation slot. If my husband kept his vacation slot, she could not even request a LOA to go because she had been absent from work a total of 4 weeks the last year.

If my husband kept his slot she could not get it, so I went hat in hand and asked my husband to just stay and work through the Rome trip. I saw the fury in his face that I would even ask, I told him sometime after we came back we could do something on our own, then his demands came down, first I had to sign and swear on my bible that I would go any where, any place and any time he chose, that I would be the willing sex partner.

I swore and signed the two copies he made before that trip. He was insulting to the girl, her parents, and her fiance, telling them this was the last straw with him. That the next time theyt wanted something from him they could drop dead, We got out of the van and his father screamed at him to get our luggage into checking, He got out of the van.

Shuffled to the back taking a page from Finnigans gold. Started getting our papers in order, Then I heard the van start and he peels away leaving our luggage scatterd on the road with his mddle finger in the air as he left. I showed his mother the agreement I had made The whole group discussed the best vacation slot my husband could take. We arrived back at am on a Saturday two weeks latter. I had just cleared customs with a peace offering of a pair of new boot that at Nordstrom would have cost in excess of I said lets go to breakfast, show him the pictures of Rome and give him his peace offering, and we could discuss the reasons for the winter vacation.

He looked me square in the eye and told me I was not the one that decided his vacation slot ever again, he through me a belt and said start flogging he was not changing his mind he was planning to be almost in Kansas by 3 that after noon and heading for Yosemite, everyone knew he had used his seniority to set the scheadual back three weeks.

I was standing there crying why he was doing this it was just seven months. He said who would he want that time, could not go anywhere after I blew the budget on Christmas which he added he was planning to take off that year.

I had everyone looking on in a way that said I had better put my foot down. He held up what I had sworn to the two weeks prior and told me then I was not going to keep my word. He was tired of paying my way through life with nothing in return but some crummy peace offering and he was tired of doing without what he wanted for our social climbing snobbery.

His father said jut shut his face and accept he was not to have the life he wanted. The van skidded to a stop and his father was told to get out on the Interstate. He was taking his vacation now and expected me to live up to my word. I said no he was going to listen for once. The van pulled off at the next exit into the bus terminal. I saw his father head to the payphones. My husband pulled out a maniila Envelope and Signed two sheets and put on back in the envelope.

It contained the entire The letter to my mother said I was being returned in the same condition received. It was such an embarrassment. To tell my mother that we had not had a husband wife relationship since before our wedding was not the nicest thing I continued to hear from her.

She was even more angry than my husband. My husbands father went to the phones like I said and had a court order issued requiring my husband to work all hours offered. The divorce was thrown out two years latter. The court order remained in force until There were some very dangerous situations until then that even bought the sheriff out to tell my husband either work or jail. That judge was put off the bench in and the order to work was canceled in Then all hell broke loose, he started taking his seniority rights first with a job bid, His father and others wanted the bid to go to a man that had 15 years less seniority.

My husband did not care in the least what everyone wanted, So again hat in hand I went to him and told him that I would normalize our sex life, stand with him on the next vacation to Ireland in and any vacation after if he just stayed on second shift on the job he was on. He just looked at me and said I was a liar and tramp, and he wished me dead. The next morning four men came up on our porch to make my husband remove his bid, At his fathers instruction I bolted my husband out.

Through the door I told him the four men were there to ensure his cooperation. I heard his sailors rhetoric. To say the least it burned my ears off. Through the Window I saw the four jump him then I saw something like the tass turn four men into critical care patients all badly injured over a job. His father and his friends decided after that to ensure my husbands cooperation with fire arms, shot guns and pistols.

He took all the money I was going to take and told me I was not going since he was not so I had better get my money from the tickets back. He actually ripped his fathers pockets open in the middle of the airport getting his passport back and TSA and the sheriff had to beg for just subsistence funds back for me.

The Union Chaplin arrived to get my husband just to go into work and not turn me and his father into bloody spots on the wall. He developed MRSA in his spine after his Immune system collapsed because of his depression and exhaustion. Three years later he came home, discovered my affair! He was not in a wheel chair as expected but I was seeing a man that felt humiliate my husband was needed he swept his cane putting my husband on the floor That cane thrown like a spear fractured the other mans scull, I was trying to keep my husband from doing even more damage and ended up slapped into a corner.

He was cuffed and put in a stress center, The next two weeks all I did was cry, until his father said go to a fund raising dinner with him, my mother in law and his fathers best friend when my husband walked through the door with a bone in his teeth.

He ripped my dress off and raped me, Telling everything he had supplied in my life and asked one question what had I returned, no meals fixed, no sex, he cleaned the house and did the yard, while I dealt with my society friends. I was begging and pleading at that point even handing him We could lay out his grievences of the last three decades , I meant to say find solutions but I said figure out what he was allowed.

I found out he was not going to let any one but himself decide what he was allowed when he raped me. Everything the last three years has been retreat, a little boy from the rape. Christmas I just wanted guest not to feel fear at my husbands presence. Since he refused to go any where I gave him the first Christmas dinner at home in 33 years. I filled his plate and handed him his silverware, I told him to go out and eat in the barn out of the wind.

All in all its turned into a terror the last sixteen years because I could not figure a way to get all needs seen to that was acceptable to all.

About 5 years ago, we stopped all sexual activity. Brief kiss good bye, holding hands in public are still OK.

This situation had elicited an internal dilemma for me. The result is I often find fault with my wife in very mundane activity but mainly conversations. About 10 years ago, I did fall in love with another woman.

This woman loved me but we did not attempt physical intimacy as that is a bar our morals would not allow. How I wish our morals would have prevented our love from ever developing. I moved out of our house in an attempt to determine which woman I truly loved and wanted to spend my remaining years with.

At that point, my wife threw herself at me with all the love she could. I melted and fell in love with my wife again. All was well for next 5 years then the physical intimacy stopped.

I believe she feels badly about the situation but cannot bring her self to have sexual activity. I can accept the fact that she does not feel the need. I have asked her to consult a MD and start hormone treatment that will reawaken her sexual needs and desires. I will not leave her even though she has plenty of money in an IRA, she would not want for material needs. The reason I will not leave her is because I allowed myself to fall in love with another woman and did nothing to stop myself or prevent that from happening.

My belief is I should have divorced first then allowed any new love to develop it it would. Because I failed to follow what my brain told me was the correct behavior, I now have come to believe that I owe my wife.

She needs to believe she will never be left by me as I scared her in the past. My guess is my current behavior of finding fault with her is an attempt to have here reject me via divorce. The truth is I do not know what it is. If my desire for sexual activity would drop to her level or her level of sexual desire would rise to my level then perhaps we would both be happier.

Unfortunately, sexual desire is not controlled by thoughts or wishes. I have no idea what the future will be for us. I am the wife, who adores sex, but, has pulled away sexually from her husband. I wish I was strong enough to leave. I pay my mortgage off next week.

Because if we do divorce, he gets half, no matter if he sits in bed watching videos for weeks. He cheated on me before we were married and gave me the gift that keeps on giving. And to have a man who worked hard every day, who provided for me and my children; well, I can no longer have that, but, my daughter can. I am so affectionate towards her. Like why am I wasting my time. My wife refuses sex wirh me. We had only 3 times of sex for last 6 yrs.

As I have a 6yr old son I cannot leave the family. Also I love my wife so much. She is not romantic now. She used to be a very atractive sex partner early 2 years of our marriage. I am really disappointed. The idea that you must stay in a marriage because you have children is not necessarily true. Think about what you are modeling to your son; he sees a marriage without any romance.

How do you want him to be in his marriage? Children model after their parents, and he is not seeing a healthy relationship right now. Let her know this cannot continue indefinitely. Also, ask yourself, if she was a very attractive sex partner early on, then where is she getting her sexual satisfaction right now?

You two must get help; three sexual encounters in six years is unacceptable! My wife refuse most of the time to have sex, but forbids me to masturbate. I lied a few times about the fact that I did masturbate and now she totally refuses to have sex with me because of lack of trust.

She can be a whole month without approaching me, and if I do approach her, she pushes me away almost all the time. She wants me to agree with her that masturbation is bad, while still withholding sex for a month. I would say that I have intercourse on an average of once a month. Any suggestion on how I can handle the situation? I am going to become crazy!

Chances are you will start shaking and trembling have sex with her throw up afterward and start having feelings of worthlessness and guilt for years to come. You would never be able to tell your girlfriend because even masturbation is mistreating you over and at that point, it will be clear to you maintaining the relationship is impossible. The longer she is in the relationship on her terms the less she will think your terms matter at all.

The simple fact is you need sex and even tho you only want it from her ever the rest of your life your body is making demands and has needs that are not being met so this is an unhealthy relationship. My wife say She had lots of trauma in the past Because I was working in far away place when the kids where young She had to bring up the kids alone These cumulative problems ended up in denial of sex now.

We had sex 6 months back I feel she had decrease libido since she started dieting and intense yoga and aerobic dance. We have 2 grown children. I have told her I wish I knew that before we were married. I understand pain is a contributing factor for her since menopause. I do not ask her for intercourse because of her pain. I inform her there are other ways to satisfy sexual urges but she refuses to do anything of a sort. I help with chores around the house and give her foot rubs upon request as she does for me.

We have a short smooch ever now and then in the morning and that is it. We have heated discussions time to time and the intensity evaporates in a hour or so and we both get over it.

We never fight about the lack of intimacy between us. We are financially sound and travel together. Our 9 hole course measures yards from the mens' tees with a par of The Club enjoys sharing our great course and Clubhouse with golfers from home and abroad, and promises that your trip to Balbirnie Park will be everything you wish for and more. We will give you the warmest of welcomes and fine hospitality, while the Clubhouse provides excellent facilities for al Glenrothes Golf Course is an 18 hole, yard, par 71 course.

The course occupies a prominent position on the high ground to the west of Glenrothes. Constructed in it is set in mature parkland and remains in excellent condition throughout the season. The wide fairways offer plenty of opportu The course, bounded by the River Ore, is easy walking and will provide a stirring round to players of all abilities. The course provides a challenge for the serious golfer and a real test for those who tend to hook and equally offers a pleasant golfing experience for all.

The course has a testing fi Whilst golf has been played at Leven since , the game dates back to on parts of these links with the current configuration coming into being in The history of Leven Links is, suffice to say, long and complex but what is most important is the nature of the ground upon which it is buil It is a picturesque parkland course about 15 miles from the famous Old Course in St Andrews and enjoys panoramic views to the north over farmland and hills and to the south over the beautiful Forth estuary.

A heathland course of Championship status set amongst heather, pine trees and silver birch. The Championship course has two loops of nine holes - visitors generally use the blue course yards. The course definition may have changed dramatically in the intervening one hundred years but its cha Today's course has a number of features to put your skills to the test, including three bunkers of varying depths and a water feature, the cundy or small stream on hole 7.

The original design and layout has been tweaked slightly, bringing it in line with modern safety needs. Elmwood Golf is the perfect setting and suitable for golfers of varying handicaps. This scenic parkland course provides a natural habitat for wildlife, with stunning views over the Tarvit and Lomond Hills and is a very pleasant walk, even if your golf is not as good as you hoped.

We offer top of th Are you up for the challenge? The golf here is in keeping with the holiday atmosphere where enjoyment is the main priority. Visitors acclaim the course as both challenging and charming in equal measure.

Formed in , only a handful of clubs in Scotland are older than Elie, and the course is a classic example of links golf. This testing par 72 Parkland Course, has something for all, whether you are a Tiger Woods in the making, or Billy Beginner, your Day out at Charleton will be one to remember. Charleton is the ideal course for group and Society outings, discounts are available for larger parties. Lundin Golf Club, near to St Andrews the 'Home of Golf', is well known throughout the golfing world as a course of rare quality.

Founded in , on a Tom Morris course it was extensively redesigned by five times Open Champion James Braid in Fine links fairways and excellent greens Lundin Ladies Golf Club is known and loved by many as one of the only ladies golf club in Scotland.

It is run solely by the ladies but welcomes gentlemen players and juniors. It is a tight parkland course designed by James Braid, with the standing stanes taking pride of place in the middle of the St Michaels is an 18 hole Par 70 parkland course within sight of the historic town of St Andrews, the home of golf.

The front nine holes overlook the Eden Estuary and the spired churches of St Andrews can be seen on the horizon during play. When the club was formed in the services of the keepe The Duke's is highly regarded as one of the finest heathland championship courses in the British Isles and a 'must play' course for any golfer. Its style ranks alongside the great inland challenges which demand accuracy and inventive play as well as power golf.

And with five separate tee Welcome to Scotscraig, an Open Final Qualifying Course, steeped in history and with proud traditions.

Scotscraig is conveniently located only 15 minutes from the famous At Pitreavie Dunfermline Golf Club in Fife, you can enjoy a warm Scottish welcome on our hole parkland course, which was designed by the legendary Dr. The hole course has a parkland nature, but it does have some holes that have links-type turf to hit off, and a crisp strike In keeping with its place as Scotland's ancient capital Dunfermline's clubhouse is a year old baronial home , quite literally steeped in history.

The clubhouse has been moderni Saline is an excellent 9-hole course laid out over a south-facing hillside Aberdour Golf Club in Fife was voted the fourth best golfing experience in Scotland by the readers of Bunkered magazine. This private members golf course has breathtaking vistas looking over the River Forth across to Edinburgh Castle and Arthur's Seat. The fantastic facilities include the Riverv Lochgelly Golf Club is a tough parkland course that sits in the heart of Fife, made famous through out the golfing world as the home of golf.

Reputation from visitors recommend Lochgelly Golf Course as a must play course in the area not only for the great views of the Ochil and Lomond hills but f Work began in and the course was completed and ready for play in The length of the course was Yards. The course was extended to 18 holes and opened by Sir Michael Bonallack in The length of the course is now yards with a standard scratch score of A new clubhouse was bu While working as a golf caddie at neighbouring Kingsbarns Golf Links, it was Douglas Clement's vision that first inspired the idea for a distillery at Kingsbarns.

His determined belief in the project and an unfettered passion for single malt whisky has been instrumental in bringing the dream to This traditional links course was laid out by Old Tom Morris and opened in Created around the natural contours of the land, Balcomie ha Harnesses the spirit of tradition and innovation to deliver world class instruction for golfers of all ages and abilities. From junior schools to warming up on the range, our Golf Academy is the perfect place to hone your skills.

Using the latest cutting edge technology and techniques, tuition is d The newest addition to St Andrews Links, The Castle Course was built in becoming the seventh course at the Home of Golf and part of the largest public golfing complex in Europe.

Set on a rugged cliff-top with spectacular views over St Andrews, The Castle Course offers a memorable golfing exp The oldest golf course in the world. To play down the 18th fairway of this iconic course is to walk in the footsteps of golfing legends from every generation. The Swilcan Bridge and Hell Bunker are recognised across the globe, yet the greatest feature of the Old Course is that despite its grand stat The Balgove is the only 9 hole course at the Home of Golf.

It primarily caters for families, children and beginners. Featuring bunkers and a double green, the Balgove is the perfect practise ground for Links golf and consolidates St Andrews Links reputation as a resort that caters for all ages an Designed to complement the tougher championship layouts at the Home of Golf, the Strathtyrum was opened in Although few in number 15 , the bunkers are cunningly placed and there is considerable emphasis on iron play accuracy.

The greens themselves are large and have slopes and borrows whic Only slightly more forgiving than it's contemporaries on the seaward side of the Links, the Eden Course was built in The course was built by internationally renowned designer Harry S Colt whose use of natural boundaries and severe bunkers provides a course full of character.

The oldest 'new' course in the world, the second course at the Home of Golf was designed by the 'Keeper of the Green' in and was imaginatively named to differentiate from its famous neighbour.

Boasting undulating fairways and challenging greens, the New Course is a classic te The third championship course at the Home of Golf, the Jubilee is considered by many to be the most challenging course on the famous Links. Built in , it was originally intended for use by ladies and beginners however after seeing its prime golfing location between the New Course and the sea, The Rothes Halls Upper Foyer Gallery, has for many years now been hosting exhibitions of artwork by numerous local artists and community groups.

Bankie Park, in the centre of Anstruther comprises mainly open grass areas and is home to the local football team. The park is next to tennis courts and there is parking and toilet facilities available. The Links is in a great location, right next to the award winning beach and the Beacon Leisure Centre. Facilities include pitch and putt in the summer and play areas all year round. The park includes rugby pitches, a pavilion, a small play area and parking facilities.

Central Park Kelty is situated off Bath Street. There is a play area with football pitch and changing facilities within the pavilion. Dunnikier Park lies to the north of Kirkcaldy and is an idyllic setting, situated around Dunnikier Park Golf Club and Dunnikier House Hotel, an 18th century country house.

There are play facilities, a skate ramp and numerous woodland walks within the surrounding area. Gallatown Park is situated in the North East of Kirkcaldy. Facilities at the park include a grass football pitch, childrens play area and two bowling greens.

Kingseat Public Park is a small public park in Kingseat which is nestled between Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath. Facilities at the park include a seven aside football pitch, play area and car parking facilities.

The gardens also have a library and art gallery behind the war memorial which is in constant use. A family run riding school set in the heart of Fife ideally located for commuters from all over Fife. The support of the many land managers is essential to ke Memorial Park in the village of Thornton has three football pitches , two play areas and a pavilion with parking facilities.

Facilities at Rosyth Public Park include a model boating pond, play area, football pitches and skate park. Wallsgreen Park is situated in the centre of Cardenden. It comprises of football pitches , play areas , skate ramp and woodland walks. Largo Bay has miles of sandy beaches and wonderful views across the Forth Estuary. It's on the Fife Coastal Path. Rockpools certainly are bu Platinum Scene is a first class Destination Management Company offering extensive local knowledge, and resources within St Andrews and the surrounding areas.

This beach is located on the south side of the old harbour close to the East Sands Leisure Centre in St. Aberdour Silver Sands is one of the most popular and attractive resorts on the Fife coast. The beach offers the freshness and variety of the seaside as well as the peace and tranquility of the countryside.

The shore, in its charming setting, looks out to the islands of Inchmickery and Inchcolm, wher The beach forms part of the East W With a sandy upper beach and rock pools at the waters edge, there is lots of exploring to be done at Roome Bay. The bay is south facing and combines a cove of sand and rock pools, with natural peace and quiet. There is an old disused swimming pool at one end of the beach that is now a haven f Leven East beach is situated in an area of industrial heritage.

It is backed by a promenade, green open space, a caravan park and golf course. The beach is close to the town centre and has views across the Firth of Forth. For a real walk on the wild side you can watch seals basking in the sun from the Fife Coastal path just ten minutes walk south of Seafield, listen to the seabirds as they soar above the waves and smell the fresh sea air and feel the real sense of freedom.

This brand new facility is the product of years of voluntary work by a small group of like-minded people. The building was originally desi Fife airport is located 2 miles to the west of Glenrothes and is a general aviation airfield for private planes.

The two main towers are distinctive with their 'St Andrew's Cross' cross-bracing, and support the majority of the suspended span's weight. Private tours of Fife for groups of all sizes. All our tours are private and customized to match the needs of guests which in number can range from just one person to forty or more. Our custom tours cover a wide range of themes including but not limited to: All of our suppliers are local, from within only 25 miles Its span is 2. The road bridge over the river Tay connects Fife to Dundee.

It is around 1. Welcome to at your Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Dunfermline. As always we're proud to offer the best retail names in Fife and east central Scotland - but there's so much more! Already we're planning out a great package of events and activities to make your experience with us more fun Re-opening of Kirkcaldy port for commercial traffic to support Carrs operations at Hutchinsons Mill.

Acquisition of , sq ft former Lexmark facility for value added salmon processing by polish based company Morpol. Come and explore Kirkcaldy's cultural hub. The long term display, St Andrews A-Z, is housed in the downstairs gallery. The upstairs Kinburn Gallery features a programme of changing temporary exhibitions on a wide variety of topics All meals are home-made, with breakfast specials and rolls made fresh to order.

Home-made steak pies are available to take-away in a range of sizes everyday! A popular community museum with a permanent display about the Methil area and a programme of temporary exhibitions, tea room and shop.

Exhibits work by a wide variety of artists, ranging from college graduates to nationally-recognised names, working in a range of styles and media, including textiles, paint, photographs and film. The four galleries display some of the treasures from the University's collection of over , artefacts in an interactive and atmospheric setting.

A changing exhibition space also mean The Museum provides insight into the past life of this ancient Royal Burgh, its Kirk, seafaring tradition, year-old golf club and Airfield history, with a changing programme of exhibitions throughout the year. Founded in , the club currently play in the Scottish League One. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for on our website. We are experienced in providing tailor made outdoor events: At KitschnBake we take cake seriously, but not too seriously … Everything is freshly baked to order, and we use the finestingredients we can find.

Why not place a Kitschnbake ord From standing on tip toes helping Granny May bake family favorites, to now making cakes for excited brides-to-be. For me baking has always represented family, love and adding a special little something to a celebration. The Pinehurst Cake Co. I create bespoke hand Music events with food and food events with music! With special menus and exclusive food offererings, there's definately something to suit all tastes from producers in The Kingdom of Fife and beyond.

Set in the beautiful historic town of St Andrews and drawing together the very best musicians from the UK and beyond, St Andrews Voices presents inspirational concerts celebrating the voice in all its many guises: The heart of the Festival is classical chamber music, but it also present world, jazz, folk and electronica. This community library is located within Inverkeithing Civic Centre, served by local buses, and with short-term parking nearby.

The library provides a range of books in standard and large print, to suit all ages from babies upwards. Audio Books are also available. Open Studios offers the ideal chance to commission that perfect present or piece for your home, direct from the maker themselves. Have a chat, grab a slice of cake or simply admire: The festival features a whole host of comedy favourites, including: The relaxed clubhouse, broad smile from each member of staff and hearty handshake of the first tee starter all combine to ensure that your trip to play golf in Scotland includes what has been called the warmest welcome in golf.

Kingsbarns Golf Links is proud to be part of the heritage of links golf People of all ages are also engaged through varied participatory activity. A unique network has been built for artists in Fife providing information and opportunities Twice a year, in Summer and Autumn, our artists throw open their studio doors to welcome visitors and to demonstr Pittenweem in the East Neuk of Fife is home to around 30 artists and craft designers.

The festival was begun in by several of these resident artists. Each August since then, it has grown to include or so artists and makers from all over Britain who exhibit in houses, studios, galleries and There are lots of interesting walks in and around Cupar, taking in the historic town, and the beautiful countryside round about.

St Andrews and North East Ramblers have produced a leaflet which describes 8 different walks to enjoy. You can download a copy or visit their website for more inform Choose from more than 80 readings, performances, discussions, poetry inspired installations and exhibitions and other cross-media performances in a range of atmospheric venues in and around the historic and lively town centre, or just sit and enjoy the lively festival scene with a coffee or drink.

The festival pops up in venues a This small and welcoming community library is located in the heart of the town, sharing the premises with the Laing Museum. It is situated close to shops and other local amenities and is well served by the local bus network. On display is information on the history of the Newport and Wormit area.

The Town of Glenrothes in Fife, Scotland, has a distinctive and diverse collection of public art set within a carefully planned urban landscape, dating from to the present. A spirit of collective enterprise driven by a range of social ideals was given focus through the pioneering appointment of Enjoy a short walk from either St Monans 0.

The restored windmill is the last remaining windmill in Fife. Good views can be seen of the Forth. To visit the windmill, This special place has an atmosphere all of its own. When you descend into the earth, with the haunting sound of monks singing, you can feel the weight of centuries of Dunfermline's history. St Margaret's Cave is situated in the car park whose entrance is in Chalmers Street, opposite the main ent Culross Abbey stands on a hillside looking over the beautiful village of Culross.

The site includes the remains of a Cistercian monastery founded in The eastern parts of the Abbey Church are the present parish church. Begun for James II in , the castle consists of two round towers linked by a cross range. The castle is considered one of the first in Scotland to be built to withstand cannon fire and provide for artillery defenc A handsome and well-built tower, probably built in the 15th century, and re-modelled between and The ruins of Balmerino Abbey are a fine example of a 13th-century Cistercian monastery.

The grounds contain an ancient Spanish chestnut tree, one of the oldest in the country. Located in Kirkcaldy's town centre, the Adam Smith Theatre is a popular venue in a traditional setting, well-loved for its high-quality shows, full-scale cinema and long history as the heart of the local arts scene. We support and host local arts organisations, including Carnegie Youth Theatre, Kelty and Rosyth Musical Societies and several popular dance schools.

Our Studio Theatre, found within the Music The Lochgelly Centre is a bright, modern and attractive community space, combining a seat theatre, studio theatre, art studios and meeting and practice rooms. Its vibrant programme includes popular music, big-name comedy, drama, dance and children's shows. Uniquely in Fife, Rothes Halls can stage large-scale, site-specific theatre productions.

The Alhambra Theatre attracts some of the biggest names in showbusiness to Dunfermline. The recently renovated theatre still retains all of its historic atmosphere and regularly plays host to stars of comedy, music, drama and West End shows.

With a year round programme of events, shows, conferences, parties, music and learning you will never find a dull moment at the Byre. The Byre incorporates a seat auditorium Our principal aim, in all of our efforts with regard to the displays in our extensive museum and our many educational and research activities, is to excite informed interest in the development of the Scottish commercial fishing industry among people of all ages in and beyond Scotland. The Museum has a major collection — over 40 tonnes — of artefacts covering electrostatics, telegraphy, telephony, audio, radio, television and video and IT The Fife Folk Museum is housed in a group of listed buildings in the centre of the attractive village of Ceres.

At the back of the Museum, beside the Ceres Burn, is a terraced garden with a footbridg The British Golf Museum is the world's premier heritage centre for golf. You can experience the history of golf in a unique location, just yards from the Old Course. Museum open daily Monday to Saturday Aberdour Castle is among the oldest standing masonry castles in Scotland; in fact, it may be the oldest.

It served as a residence for three noble families over a period of years Aberdour was originally built as a fortified residence in the s, making it one of the oldest stone castles in t Our walled garden offers stunning summer colour every year.

Relive the domestic life of the 16th and 17th centuries amid the old buildings and cobbled streets of the fascinating Royal Burgh of Culross. Explore the beautiful refurbished palace with its decorative painted ceilings and furnishings of the period. Behind the palace is the restored 17th century ga Hill of Tarvit is one of Scotland's finest Edwardian mansionhouses, replete with a splendid collection of antiques, furniture, Chinese porcelain and superb paintings by Sir Henry Raeburn, Allan Ramsay and eminent Dutch artists.

The original 17th-century Wemyss House was remodelled in Kellie Castle dates from as early as the 14th century and has magnificent plaster ceilings, painted panelling and fine furniture designed by Sir Robert Lorimer. The grounds and garden co Step through our doors and be transported into an underwater world of adventure and disc It holds a full schedule of daily interactive and fun presentations such as the seal feed, meet a reptile and rock pool sessions.

The island is also famed for its seals and other wildlife, and its coastal defences from the two World Wars. These were put in place to protect Rosyth naval base, the Forth Bridge and Edinburgh.

Osprey is a big 10mtr Humber Rib renown for being very safe and very stable, perfect for your trip to the Isle of May. She is fitted with the much demanded bench seats for your comfort and waterproofs are provided during the minute crossing to the island made at a comfortable cruising speed. The Scottish Vintage Bus Museum is at the forefront of historic bus restoration and operation in Scotland and houses, on a acre site, around vehicles.

Most of these vehicles are of Scottish origin and are in varying levels of condition, from dilapidated to fully restored. The site is rich in a variety of wildflower species and this in turn provides a habitat for a large range of invertebrates. During the autumn, the seeds which are produced by the rich plant life attract feeding flocks of Finches and other small birds.

Heron and Mallard are often seen on the banks of Our customers range from individuals, couples and families through medium size groups looking for stag and hen partie Making the best possible beer and craft spirits is our daily passion.

The ultimate aim of our talented and creative team is to create the best small batch single malt Scotch Whisky in t Knockhill is proud to present a whole host of sensational driving and passenger experiences. You can learn invaluable skid control techniques, go 4x4 off road driving, Go ballistic on our Karting track and even attempt driving for The only complete tower and chapel in Fife and possibly in Scotland. We are a tourist attraction, a venue hire for weddings, banquets and conferences.

We are partially in ruins. This adds to the special atmosphere of the historic castle. With the reassurance that you'll be in good hands with our experienced instructors, they'll make sure you remember your Boots N Paddles' experience for all the right reasons.

We cater for school and youth groups, stag and hen parties, can support fund-raising or sporting events, From basic Green graded trails to slightly more technical but totally possible Red routes, the trails offer the chance to take your bike off road without having to leave the heart of Kirkcaldy. If you are travelling by car to the trails, there is ample parking at the 5-a-side pitches adjacent to Ki We can provide boat trips for family gatherings or Stag and Hen parties, ashes scattering, corporate events and diving trips.

All bookings are based on full boat hire i. And the coastal views are breathtaking! From the cosmopolitan atmosphere of St Andrews to the former coal mining towns of central Fife. We offer a range of outdoor activities for individuals, families and groups including 'come and try' sessions, half-day, full-day or multi-day options.

Elie Watersports offers courses in dinghy sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. Also available are taster session or hire only in windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boards, waterskiing, inflatable rides and pedal boats. We work with school groups, stag and hen groups or individuals. All experiences are built to allow the guest the rare opportunity to handle and fly these magnificent birds under expert supervision.

For any other information, click here. Come and view a large range of diverse artwork for sale by Fife-based artist. Artistic consultations for people interested in commissioning a piece of artwork also available. We manage, maintain and preserve wide areas of the countryside of Fife, promoting responsible access to our wonderful and diverse outdoor sites.

He has experience in forestry, deer management, bird surveys and pest control and has worked in the Scottish Countryside for over 35 years.

The bar area can hold around 20 customers and weather permitting, guests and families can really take advantage and enjoy our beer garden. Carting for individuals, small groups, stag and hens, full blown corporate events, onsite heated cafe with hot and cold beverages, sweets, juice, crisps and filled rolls, all safety instructions and equipment provided, no matter the weather live life in the fast lane!!!

It is specifically designed to meet the needs of both tourism and the business traveller. We also cater for airport transfers, golf tours and follow the whisky trails. The service is provided in luxurious Mercedes Viano eight seater vehicles and is aimed at those wishing to travel in exclusive comfo The following year, Muddy Boots was cr We have a range of objects and photographs that depict the history of Newport and Wormit.

These heritage displays have been integrated within the library to Sailing in the Brackish waters at Newburgh can prove to be both exhilarating and challenging, both from difficult wind sheer created by the trees and rolling hillsides behind the club, and wind blowing down the valley, not to mention a fairly misleading tidal current. All adding to the attraction of Now it houses a fully accessible permanent exhibition called 'Magic of the Glen', paying tribute to the building's surroundings.

Come and find out how the park came to be a fascinating story covering million years. From fossils and jungle swamps to its Victorian heyday, discover the Although a small family run organisation we are BIG on customer service and will always go that extra mile to make sure you enjoy your time with us.

The Forth Bridge Hub provides you with the most up to date information on what to see and do in the village, and our team will help you to arrange your visit. While visiting the village why not stop off at our Hub Cafe for light refreshments and enjoy the historical atmosphere of this Victorian S Research This is indiviual to each client.

Your reasons may be: You are looking for your Scottish Ancestors but not sure where to start. You are wondering what happened to your family The size of two football pitches, one on top of another, On two levels feet underground. Had there been a Nuclear War, this is where Scotland, would have been Governed, from within. Discover the twilight world of the Government Cold War. We offer children and adult pony camps, seasonal events, clinics and children's birthday parties.

This section of the Coastal Path begins at the Beacon Leisure Centre, Burntisland and takes you through historic towns, important grasslands and much of historical and geographical interest. Andrews in in the precincts of St. The current garden includes about species of ferns, herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees.

Some are native to Scotland and some grow wild in other regions of the wo Queen Margaret came to the cave to pray over years ago. Then there was only a wooded path by a stream at the bottom of the valley with a short climb up to the small cave. Now there's a tunnel with 87 steps leading deep underground for you to explore along with a small shop.

The proximity of the Forth estuary and exposure to winter winds from the East bring with them a low incidence of frost but an almost annual challenge from salt laden gales. The grounds have been gardened formally since the 17th century, with each generation introducing their own ideas, the amount of Within this role she tau The section of path from Kingsbarns to Boarhills is rough and may be muddy in winter.

Our wee cafe w We offer horse riding lessons with your own horse, or we can provide one. We also offer livery, stabling, pony trekking, hacking, and summer pony camps, the breaking and schooling of problem horses, training for affiliated and unaffiliated show jumping. Pass by the Lighthouse and Lady's Tower, built as a summerhouse for Lady Anstruther in the 's and onto the ruins of both Adross and Newark Castles.

The picturesque village of St. Monans offers much to see from the restored windmill to the pretty St Monans Kirk, With over retailers the centre is also the town centre of Glenrothes.

Located all on one level it has all the customer services you would expect including the busiest Shop mobility facility in Fife. We use the freshest ingredients, and we prepare all of our food in front of you — nothing is simply heated up in an oven or a microwave and slapped on a plate. So come on down to Mexigo We are situated on the attractive harbour front in Anstruther where you can enjoy your takeaway fish and chips on the seating a Watson's produce delicious handmade truffles and chocolates using traditional and contemporary flavours.

All our cakes are made to order and are designed to suit your requirements. Each one is individually crafted using the best ingredients to make sure your cake looks sensational and tastes delicious too. Farm shop, butchery and cafe supplying top quality, local, seasonal produce as well as meat direct from the farm through our traditional butchery. We aim to highlight the very best food and drink that Scotland, and Fife in particular, has to offer and to provide it all in a lovely environment.

Its traditional decor and unrushed pace attracts people of all ages who are looking for somewhere to enjoy good conversation and company. Everything is cooked to order and can be fried in batter or breadcrumbs, however if you prefer a slightly healthier option you can have anything grilled.

The food is Modern Scottish featuring fresh local produc The Peat Inn, by St Andrews, is a former coaching inn which dates from s. Today it is a luxury Restaurant with Rooms with one Michelin star, set in peaceful rural surroundings. Renowned for its warm welcome, thoughtful service and casual elegance, guests can enjoy exquisite cooking in a setting We offer modern, contemporary dining specialising in the best of local, Scottish seafood in an outstanding location.

We are fervent believers of sustainability and ensure that we are alw My primary focus is on creating boutique-style, delicious handmade cakes and bakes - for weddings and all other occasions - using only fine quality ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible.

From the simple to the more extrava Traditional Inn offering high quality pub food and also contemporary dishes using locally sourced produce. Wide selection of beers, lagers and real ales with regular guest ales. Restuarant is available to hire for bithdays, anniversaries or any special night out with menus tailored to your req Based in Fife, Scotland we specialise in growing and selling beautiful garden flowers, foliage and herbs.

Our flower selection changes with the seasons evoking the natural charm of a Scottish country garden. We love flowers that are full of fragrance, natural colours and stunning textures. Our Brewpub is based at South St and has 16 ever changing taps of fantastic ales from around the globe including several of our own brews. Our staff are Cic Tues, Wed, Thur, Sun Anster cheese is the only farmhouse cheese made in Fife. Public house on the harbour front of Anstruther, serving real ale, wines, spirits and home cooking.

The Eat Safe Award is only awarded to establishments observing the highest standards of food hygiene and safety management and we were delighted to receive this well respected award in August We are open from Thursday to Sunday, We serve light lunches of soup and sandwiches.

We also serve home baking, Lavazza coffee and all kinds of teas. If you are a large group please pre book as we have limited table The Harbour Cafe is , as you may expect, located by the Harbour in Tayport. It has great views over the Tay towards Monifieth and Buddon Ness. We serve light meals, sandwiches and homemade cakes. During the winter we're closed on Sundays. Fife Farmers' Market Ltd. The main farmers' markets organised by the company are held in St Andrews, Dunfermline, Cupar and Kirkcaldy and the produce sol Owner, Sophie Latinis, is passionate about showcasing fair trade, responsibly grown Most of the path is unsurfaced.

The path around the bay itself has been re We are neatly located in the historic quarter within the old city walls right here in the heart of Dunfermline, the ancient capital of Scotland. The Canmore has been nourishing, refreshing and entertaining customers, not only from Dunfermline and the Kingdom of Fife but, from all around the wor A decadently rich hot choco A fifth generation family bakery based in Fife, Scotland, we're up early every morning in our state of the art bakery making you a huge range of traditional Scottish and continental treats.

Priding ourselves on quality, with a tasty range of products extendi Grill 48 prides itself on blending excellent, friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere wit Our website will introduce you to their unique 'deli' in the heart of the coastal Scottish village o It is on the road to the harbour, the medieval Shoregate, with stunning open views over the Firth of Forth and the North Sea.

The gallery is located in the cell The charismatic bar has formed a key part of St Andrews bar scene for many years. The bar offers a huge selection of beers, lagers and local ales, as well as Cochrane's Kitchen is an exciting new family business working with locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create fabulous homemade products. We are currently producing jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys and relishes and will soon be touring Fife and beyond to promote our tongue-tingling wares!

The bridge was constructed with a swinging This innovative design provides extra strength and stiffness, Elmwood College is a further education college based in the heart of North East Fife.

Rooms can be arranged in a variety of set ups from 1: For further information on the full range of packages we can offer Tel: Capable of holding up to people you will be sure to impress your par Burntisland Heritage Trust was formed in to protect and promote Burntisland's rich heritage. The exhibitions have been held every year with many varied and changing themes since Museum shop Visit Scotland runs a Visitor I We supply the ultimate self caterin vacation, fantastic events, unforgettable weddings, last minute deals and offer private holiday homes, cottages and villas.

Enjoy a stay in our beautiful Tudor style hotel situated on the north bank of the Firth of Forth, 15 minutes from the Old Course at St Andrews and less than an hour from Edinburgh. We invite you to browse our website for more information about our hotel, selecte Small family run Hotel, home cooked food,accommodation, and just around the corner from Anstruther Harbour, Marina and local beaches.

Dundee Heritage Trust is the only independent charity in Scotland operating two five star rated museums attracting over , people per year. Specialists in Outdoor Sports tuition and skills improvement, we help people fulfil their potential and increase their enjoyment in Mountain Sports such as Mountain Biking and Road Cycling, and Water Sports such as Dinghy Sailing. We also provide industry or group specific First Aid training.

A wide range of subjects are covered and courses can be taylor made to specific days and requirements. All ingredients, utensils, aprons and reci Empact deliver quality training and consultancy, through practical assistance to businesses operating Tourism. We help with the production and introduction of a marketing strategy and promotional plans and materials, profit improvement, operational plans, management, customer service and human resou An independent training provider offering a range of services aimed at developing skills and improving business performance.

One to one coaching also available. Design of customised training packs that y Conference and Group Services offer a wide range of assistance and support to both internal and external customers looking to hold a conference or event at the University of St Andrews. We are a division of Residential and Business services and our role is to deliver commercial revenue for the Un The Vine Conference Centre is the answer to your Conference, exhibition, meeting and training room needs.

Whether you need space for a single meeting, training rooms or multiple rooms for a conference or exhibition, we can cater for any circumstance and pride ourselves in our versatility which means High quality offices for rent in St Andrews on flexible all inclusive user friendly terms. Or rent a desk by the week or month. Unique listed building surrounded by the Duke's Course. Please see website for details www. Liberty Business Centres is a local, family-run provider of flexible working environments in the Dunfermline area.

Since we have helped hundreds of companies with their commercial property and business support needs. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients are free from workspace issues to con We work tirelessly to ensure our clients are free from workspace issues to For diners, the main area can be used on its own to seat at round tables and more at rectangular tables. Care has been taken to preserve the rustic charm of the buildings to provide a versatile and atmospheric space w Are you looking for a unique location for your team meeting or for team work activities?

Culross Palace may have what you are looking for. We have a large education room which can house up to 40 people with toilet facilities on-site. We also have a beautiful Georgian meeting room in the Townhouse There are a range of activities in Elie for those seeking a venue with the added bonus of outdoor activities. Competitions or training can be arranged for Golf or Tennis using fully qualified coaches and prof Fife Council Bankhead Central B Anstruther Harbour caters for leisure and small fishing vessels.

The objectives of the Fife Access Forum are to: St Andrews Harbour has in its day known commerce with all parts of Europe. In medieval times the town traded widely, principally with the Low Countries.

At its peak, the harbour may have berthed as many as ships. But it fell into disuse with the opening of the railway. It dates from the 13th cen Dysart, a conservation area, is a pretty harbour town. It's very picturesque and many visitors like to stroll along the 'sailors' walk', a path connecting the town to the outer end of the harbour.

Also worth a look is St Serf's tower and the white harled, red pantiled row of hous A bustling town, Pittenweem is an active port and has a fish market every morning, plenty of shops to browse in, and a good selection of pubs and restaurants.

Visitors flock to enjoy the lively atmosphere and traditional charm of the place, and its houses with the Dutch style crow-stepped gables. The harbour is used by a few creel boats and approximately 12 seasonal craft.

There are 2 berths reserved for visitors. Harbour Master is part-time. Tayport is located on the east coast of Scotland in Fife, at the mouth of the river Tay. It is a historic harbour town with attractive views of the Broughty Ferry coastline and those of Tentsmuir Forest. It is within easy commuting distance to Dundee via the Tay Road Bridge. St Andrews and Edinbu Ziggys Restaurant opened in and is St Andrews' original themed restaurant; they are one of the longest established, privately owned restaurants in the town.

Fife Flyers, established in , are the oldest ice hockey teams in the United Kingdom. It was in Billys previous Kitchen that he forged a great working partnership with Patricia Kirk, who moved from Edinbu Why you may ask? The pier is controlled by Aberdour Residents Association and enquiries should be made to the Honorary Harbour Master, Dick Drummond richarddrummond45 gmail.

Almost exclusively used by leisure craft on pierside berths or moorings. For more information c Our collection includes 14 species of Deer from around the world, Fife's only Wolf pack, Otters and other rare Scottish species including the Wildcat. We also host Raptor World Bird of Prey centre! A small harbour used by a few local creel boats and leisure craft.

Contact harbour Master for rates and dues. At low tide the beach at Elie Harbour links to Earlsferry giving almost a mile of uninterrupted golden sand. Facilities include, toilets, lifeguards, first aid, disabled access and parking.

The Town Pier is unsuitable for overnight berthing. This is a small pier used predominantly by Wormit Boating Club. This harbour has a leased repair slipway.

The Harbourmaster is part-time. Pierside berthing with two reserved visitor berths available. Contact the Harbour Master for dues and rates. Leven beach is backed by a promenade, green open space, a caravan park and golf course. Restaurant The restaurant offers contemporary, relaxed dining in a city-centre environment with great atmosphere which has attracted local residents, students, golfers and visitors to the town.

Bar The bar features modern decor in an elegant setting for an after work drink with friends, a Our Cardoon Restaurant menu offers you a wide choice of grills and gourmet dishes all cooked with care using Scottish sourced, quality food.

It is the perfect restaurant for enjoying Scotland's larder when eating out in Fife. The following menus i The business, which is based in Dunfermline, the ancient capital of Scotland and burial place of Robert the Bruce, is owned and run by two brothers, Donald and Alistair MacKenzie, who are both registered members of the UK Clan MacKenzie society.

Donald is a retired Dental Surgeon and Alistair is a C Picture of Health Club This is a Fife health club that is dedicated to your personal fitness, health and relaxation.

Members and hotel guests will benefit from our fantastic facilities. Our latest gym equipment will make your workout both productive and enjoyable. With our 15 metre swimming p Release stress, reconnect with family, friends, and most of all, with yourself, at Kohler Waters Spa. Visit our team of highly trained professionals for nourishing treatments or all-day immersion of our latest therapeutic water treatments and results-oriented facial and body treatments.

Our array of options to cater for every palate, provides guests with an abundance of choice. Experience homemade cakes, finger sandwiches and pastry delights when indulging in our traditional Afternoon Tea, enjoy local signature dishes cooked to perfection from the East Neuk of Fife. Our execuitive head chef Mr Davey Aspin has been Featuring the best pipe bands from all over Scotland and the North of England in a colourful spectacular for all ages.

Starting and ending with a parade of pipe bands along Burntisland High Street, this event features bands of all standards from novice up to the highest level. We know that when you have family and friends visiting, a busy working life or if you are enjoying a holiday in Fife, your time is precious. We want to give you more time. So, what is Holiday Essentials? Have you ever arrived in a holiday property late in the evening after travelling for hours only to find there's nothing there, not even a teabag to make a brew?

Holiday Essentials provide letting agents with the pers For those who wish more information to that provided in the downloadable leaflet below and who do not have access to the mobile app, please see Braes Loan Trail Route Infoon the images above.

Interested in local History and Heritage? Markinch Parish once stretched from the modern town of Glenrothes to the lost village of Innerleven. The history of this stretch of land is only partially written and there are many mysteries and historical puzzles to unravel. If you are interested in rev It is located on the North side of the River Forth, where it has the ability to provide transport and distribution by sea, rail or road across Scotland. In recent years, it has experienced a revival from coastal Each crossing takes approximately 45 minutes on board the seat Catamaran, and allows visitors to enjoy days out in either location.

Full details and bookings fo Set over 2 floors and with 60 covers, The Newport offers panoramic views across the River Tay towards Dundee. Lose yourself for a while and enjoy the ultimate dining experience in the ultimate location. Menu can be found here. Images provided by Citylicious

Windmill Barn. We bought a derelict Windmill Cottage in and started the first phase of renovation. In August , we decided to convert the large barn into a home and join it to the cottage carrying out a significant amount of the work ourselves. A Place in the Sun. Best friends Carmen and Tanya are looking for a holiday home for Carmen to enjoy on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Carmen fell in love with the island after holidaying there and is now looking for the perfect place to share with her friends and family. Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and www.weshippowell.live