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Like most human beings, I enjoy sex and often think about sex and look forward to having sex with a consenting partner. It would be different, though, if I lived in Washington, D. Dan Flynn R from Texas, the man responsible for the heinous and dangerous HB 2 abortion legislation — came from. But now that some popular downtown bars have shined light on the asexual status of Washington D. According to the blog post, no one in Washington D. We are supposed to appear sexy but never be sexual.

We are to fit a pre-determined social standard of attractiveness, but not for our benefit. We must be enticing but never engage in activity that could provide us with an ounce of pleasure or joy or satisfaction. An ad for Carl's Jr. And having now seen the ad that was rejected, I struggle even more to comprehend this decision.

The ad is fucking adorable. Who could deny a peach and an eggplant? Just looking at that immediately gets me thinking about wrapping that wonderful eggplant in a Jimmy Hat. It's that effective, you guys. Safe sex is now considered an expensive item, and heaven forbid an embarrassed kid steal a pack of ribbed condoms for her pleasure. Thank the safe-sex gods, my friends and I always knew where to get birth control or Plan B, as it was certainly never advertised on television or in bars when I was in college.

Safe sex practices were shared in hushed tones, as if were were in a sex gang. However, with the Supreme Court currently attempting to avoid a tie and make a ruling on Zubik v Burwell — a case that could give employers the legal right to refuse to provide insurance coverage for birth control, based on their religious beliefs — I can only painfully laugh with the weight of utter disbelief and disappointment.

Perhaps the bars in Washington D. After all, if you were to have sex and birth control is only whispered about or denied altogether, you could end up pregnant and be one of the , Texas women who were forced to self-induce an abortion last year.

You could be Trapped. Perhaps we should be going for the sole purpose of drinking this dangerous new reality away? Don't give up the fight! Reclaiming College After Sexual Assault: Danielle Campoamor is a writer living in Seattle, WA. During these troubling political times, independent feminist media is more vital than ever. Upcoming Events Tito's Presents: Austin City Limits Sat Oct 06 Tue Oct 09 6: Austin City Limits Sun Oct 07 A Dialogue Tue Oct 09 6: Austin City Limits Fri Oct 12 Austin City Limits Sat Oct 13


The tangled world of sex and power in Washington DC - Telegraph

And I started juicing vegetables. I am a second generation chef, my six children grew up with grandparents, aunts and uncles that are all great cooks. They ate homemade pasta and bread ,grew tomatoes and basil in yard, picked apples and peaches and made jam with their Mom. Now that they are older they brew beer and cure homemade salami and prosciutto.

They all have different favorite things but all ofthem like chicken nuggets and fries! Thank you for your words and your humor at what is a frustrating and disheartening situation. I grew up a very picky eater, and I used to blame my parents for not making me eat more veggies.

I was determined to do better by my children. I have three children, and they are all even pickier than I was as a child.

We have tried it all. I just have to believe that they will grow out of it eventually. Thank you so much for the post. Btw, the Vietnamese avocado milkshake is made from avocado, condensed milk, and some ice. In Indonesia, they make a chocolate milk and avocado drink that is divine. Also healthy, I am sure! Loved coffee and tea plain iced tea. And any kind of cured sausage pepperoni, sopressata, etc.

I could eat half a stick of pepperoni when I was a kid. According to family lore, this is because my dad gave me and my slightly-older cousin things like head cheese and hot peppers when we were infants. Thank thank you for this post!

You renewed my sense of humor in being a mother. My experience is so similar I swear you could have written this post about me. You had me laughing out loud and you are a hilarious and great writer. Please keep it coming!!! Start very gradually in upping your fat amounts. Coconut oil in cold smoothies as opposed to hot, greasy foods seems to help too. I have three rules and four kids who, every single one of them, ate at least one fiddlehead fern at dinner tonight without any objection at all.

But you do have to leave it there. Respect to the chef, people. I mean, I do want to know if you liked new stuff. Took three tries with one kid and no more than one for the others. The other rules are for me, and more like mantras: No food is worth more or less than any other food.

No making anybody eat anything, no making any food special or forbidden. I saw them eat snails. I saw them eat rice with egg in it. And it was FINE. And now they cannot fool me. Your dudes will be fine too. I mean, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

I HATE raisins with the burning fire of a thousand suns. It took me years of telling folks that I will NOT eat the things that look like bugs in my cookies, no matter how much sugar you pile on top or how good you say they are for my colon. Finally, my food sensitivities won out and it became clear that all things grape trigger migraines for me. Unless I get really stupid and do something like eat chocolate….

Incidentally, my 3 year old eats pretty well clearly not my fault , loves carrots and apples and brocolli and most stuff that we eat that is not a combined food as in tuna and peas in the mac n cheese and also loves chicken nuggets and fries and birthday cake and smartees candy.

It does work by the way. We eat well, but I have no moral objection to fast food or junk food in moderation. She loves shrimp, something neither my husband or I eat but that my sister enjoys.

She eats some veggies, any fruit, and most grains. The only sticking point we have is protein, and I think a lot of that is texture. She will kill for meatballs, though. No spaghetti, just the meatballs. Sounds like my boys. They also love Easy Mac, and they think choosing betweeen the Cars shapes and the Spongebob varieties makes them sophisticates. This post is priceless! I am a nanny, and a parent educator, and not yet a parent myself, so I am totally that person who judges, knowing full well that karma will kick my ass when we have kids of our own.

I was the kid who went to my first day of school with olives, soppressata and blue cheese on a baguette in my lunch box, am a huge cook, and food is a very large part of my life.

I am utterly sure I will have children who eat only chicken nuggets and buttered noodles! Make one meal, serve it, and walk away. But, in your own home, only provide food that you feel ok about them eating constantly, They will eventually eat. Pasta with red sauce for the kids can be doctored up for adults. Pizza can be a carrier for any toppings. Eat cupcakes and cookies and french fries every once in a while!

My year-old son informed me that he will eat only hotdogs on white buns, chicken nuggets and lemon poppyseed muffins. This, despite the fact that I make homemade bread every stinking week. I make rabbit ragu over homemade pasta. I raise backyard chickens so we can have the freshest eggs. I make ice cream from scratch.

I make my own chicken stock. I grow a good number of our vegetables cooked spinach is slimy, he says. My only comfort is that he and his year-old sister got in a knock-down fight yesterday over whether to eat Thai his choice or Ethiopian hers for dinner tonight. The Look Report Blog Motherlode: Eat Your French Fries. You have GOT to add some more foods to your diet. You want to hike the Appalachian Trail. Believe me, this is progress. He eats, pasta, cottage cheese, muenster cheese, mac and cheese, strawberries, raspberries, apples and rice chex with lactose free milk, muffins made by me and sweets.

AND he has celiac disease, so said carbs have to be gluten free. I would kiss the ground if this kid ate a french fry! At least you can find them out in the world.

My whole family are foodies. We LOVE to cook and love and from the minute my little boy could move food from plate to mouth, he eschewed all meat and vegetables.

It is SO frustrating. There is a certain heartbreak in not being able to make beautiful, healthy food that your kids will eat. Just imagine your kids are this picky AND they have celiac disease so pasta and most things at a regular restaurant are out. Thanks so much for writing this.

Which he spat out. We drink raw milk and LOTS of it. I guess you just need to jump in and give it a try when you find a source. There is a big difference between an organic grain-fed farm and a grass-fed farm certified organic or with organic practices. When a farm is grass-fed, e-coli is almost nonexistant, the cows are healthier and therefore rarely need antibiotics.

There is no cruelty. They are treated with natural remedies or removed if antibiotics do turn out to be needed. The cow may be butchered or the milk used for some other purpose. And so the cycle begins again. I am worried about a cow that lives in a overly clean stall away from pasture shaded from the sun and deprived of the things they were designed to need.

I definitely agree with you wllaeheortedhy! I have had a lot of homebirths since my first one in the hospital 9 births altogether and it really is the way to go for most women. That is a fav topic of mine. The one thing I would say if a woman feels they must use a doctor is to become well informed of your rights and choices. Sometimes it is definitely for your best, but not always. Often it is out of protocol or convenience that they suggest something.

Being informed and letting all parties know beforehand bring expectations in writing help make the birth experience go a lot better. Our older son, now 4, ate nothing but homemade organic baby food his first year or so. AND his little cousin, his exact same age, was a second child and thus allowed much more freedom of diet than our son was accustomed to.

Things never really recovered after that! Nowadays, his favorite foods are jam and bread we use low-sugar jam and whole-wheat bread, at least , applesauce, oranges and graham crackers. I too had made her baby food,and was wary of anything not made by me,but desperate and starving while Xmas shopping,I caved. It was love at first bite. Fast forward all those years and now she has her own sweet cherub,who had a bad medical scare this winter.

I am grateful to say it was NOT leukemia,but a related blood disease which mimics it and then resolves. But,Nana was trying to get Miss Minnie to eat more red meat and even made kale chips we loved em she…not so much. You are getting it just right in all you do and try. None of us has all the answers,and I know for sure that denying your kid treats,or candy will make them covet it even more. As a single mom,working,then trying to feed my kids healthy on a small salary was a challenge,but they are healthy and happy adults now.

I worked at Headstart,and my boss said to me: Take the time to enjoy the few hours you have with them each day. Screw the food groups and take them for a walk to the swings. She was in essence correct. I too am a foodie,and I love a good french fry. Give those nuggets of yours an extra kiss from this happy Nana. Every kid is different- you may be in luck! The thing so many people forget is that fact: We just need to respect them for who they ARE, not who we want them to be.

Serving a meal is very straightforward. Allison, As a wise older Italian mother I have to tell you that you are perfect! And your children will be wonderful eaters — some day. Go ahead until your kidneys fail. See what I care. They hover as I cook dinner. One loves pasta, could eat it every night, the other hates it fiercely. I cook a veritable buffet every night, silently hoping that maybe, just maybe this will be the night that they clean their plates.

I remember being horrified the first time I caught him fervently sucking on those wheels. So hilarious and so true. Hi quick question for you! I never had cloeggd ducts with my first baby and breastfed for over a year without any issues, actually.

But then it comes back sometimes in the same place and sometimes a different duct or even completely different breast! Any idea what might be going on? I have recently started nursing while lying down more often than I was; or could it be a diet higher in saturated fat this time? Any thoughts you have are appreciated! There is nothing wrong with using a cridet card as long as you pay off your balance every month. I do not like to carry cash and bank debit cards are not protected from fraudulent activities like a normal cridet card.

A word of caution if you have a lot of cridet card debt If you close all of your cridet card accounts your utilization rate will increase and in turn lower your cridet score. When a cridet card company analyzes your account and sees this they will increase your interest rate. I would say if you have a lot of cridet card debt keep the accounts open, cut up the cards so you cant use them, and pay the balance down as soon as you can.

My mom tells a very similar story. And four years later by the time my sister arrived she was gumming french fries before she had teeth: Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect. I get the picky thing, I do. I used to be a picky eater. But now I feel incredibly amused! Thanks so much…you nailed it. My husband and I are curtrnely leading a small group for FPU. Although it can be pricey, there are scholarship options available through most churches or organizations that offer it. I would highly recommend that those interested check into that.

Even with the initial investment you will reap far greater financial benefits in the long run. It is definitely worth the price!! Not only that we have the privilege of cheering others on to financial freedom too!! By the time this class is over we will be completely debt free including our home. Thanks for sharing Erin. You have some great insights and tips for those on their own financial journey. DS is definitely carbohydrate oriented.

His favorites are peirogies, noodles, pasties, gnoshi and breads. He likes tomato sauces but only if the tomato is not chunky. He loves some vegetables and despises others.

It helped that for a few years at our old house we had a garden and grew most of our veggies. They can cook and would be making noodles or toasted cheese sandwiches for every meal. DD is a teen. Even though she likes the food we eat, she says it takes too much time, effort and clean up to eat healthy from scratch. She plans on feeding herself with prepackaged microwave meals and boxed foods. DD came to us at age five and had consumed fast food as a large part of her diet.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but just wait until middle and high school where most kids have unrestricted access to vending machines. These are a wholly separate evil representing temptation of the Hot Cheetos variety.

Or wage a campaign to get the dreaded healthy stuff into the vending machines. I may still take this on. I have to find my in with administration. One trick I did employ when the girls where young—I had them help cook.

My twelve year old still cooks. She whipped up a dish with farro and fresh herbs for dinner the other night. My daughters are opposite ends of almost every spectrum. In this case, one lives for junk food, the other will eat salad.

We too swore on a stack of Bibles that no junk food would ever cross the lips of our precious offspring. The first foods I fed my sons were quinoa and sweet potatoes…organic of course. Now they are 9 and 12 and my control is long gone. I will say they are not picky, which is good. They will eat anything I put in front of them. We are vegetarians, but besides that, no issues.

BUT…french fries and cupcakes are definitely part of our food life, not daily, but often. And you know what, no one dies from eating fries. Like all things, moderation. What cracks me up the most is how earnest we were when they were babies.

Ha—little did we know how little control we wold actually have! I totally hear you on the bnuyig fresh ingredients as opposed to pre-made stuff. As for where I shop, I do most of my shopping at Winn-Dixie. I love buy one get one free meat sales!

Oh my, this is very, very funny. My two beasties are ages 6 and 9 and STILL eye everything we put in front of them with such suspicion. You only eat about five things! My six year old just flat out refuses to try new things right now. You actually have to eat it. I console myself by thinking that when they go off to college, they will really miss my cooking.

I ordered 3 bottles for international delivery, via their shipping method that claims to take 14 days. After ordering I asked them to send me a tracking number, they said there was no tracking number with that mail sevcire, not mentioned at all on their website.

I waited 3 months, nothing arrived, and when i emailed them, they said , For international mail. Please check your local post office. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have no way of knowing if they even posted the order as there was no tracking number, who on earth would order something to be sent overseas with no tracking number. Their attitude to customers is really bad, their website is full of false information regarding shipping and returns, and I would not recommend this company to anyone.

I think this is a great post!! There are many frustrations in health care. My kid started life as an organic though reluctant vegetarian.

Now age 10, my son takes ADD meds that squash his appetite and therefore his growth. With the advice of his doctor, I gave up the battle and now let him eat whatever he wants. Otherwise he would live entirely on fruit, either fresh or dried. I have had to cut out several food gurops due to health issues. I cannot have Dairy or grains. I wish I could but I am lactose intolerant and grains cause bloating and severe pains in my sides. I have tried sprouted and gluten free bread with no success.

I have also cut out all meat but seafood. And by eliminating these food gurops I have lowered my cholesterol, blood pressure and weight significantly. I was border line diabetic and suffered from obesity and joint pains all before my 30th birthday. I have been eating this way for 4 months now and have never felt this good. So if by saying it is unhealthy to cut out food gurops I say that if the foods you eat do not allow you to feel great or if they slow you down mentally or physically then cut them out and then experiment on what the cause is.

It may just be bread and you can have oats. I have experimented before adding anything back into my diet and found that I can have nuts where before I thought they were causing issues. I have substituted quinoa for the flour I need and the grains I need. Even though it is a seed it has the properties of grain and it causes no issues.

There is always a substitute you just have to google for it. Kate i can tell you it easily can be done: And do you know why kids love those things — besides the fact that they taste great?

It took a lot of knowledge to know WHAT to eat if it sprang from the ground — you could die from a single bite of a fungus. So in reality — your children and mine and everyone else that I know are safety conscious, discerning consumers. Oh, except for Anthony Bourdain — his kids requests brussels sprouts and celery. Thank you for this — I could have written every word, except for the bits about being a chef.

This made me laugh in sorry recognition. My older son is Atticus to a T. And the only way I could think to get through it was to write a book about it. I called it Eating for Beginners because I felt like that was what I had to remind myself he was doing constantly. Kid ate his own poop once. All of my life, till I turned 18, I ate hoemcooked meals with fat contents that were never really measured. I never imagined a day that I could be this heavy almost twice my original weight!

I am working with a dietician now to get things back to normal, and even though my blood sugars and cholesterol numbers are great waaaaaaay under the recommended normal values , it has become more and more apparent to me that processed foods and high glycemic carbs are the real evil at least for me.

I do have a problem eating foods with high fatty contents, as i feel nauseous afterwards. Have you come across anyone else who has this problem? If so, do you know how they were able to get over it? This is wonderful and so true! But people can be judgemental everywhere! One day i said.. To be honest i did not have this philosophy of moderation before becoming a mom, However i watched how my sister raised her son.

She was super strict with his eating habits and said no to french fries, no to chocolate. Guess what…everytime he was away from his mom he would obsessively eat a tonne of fries and chocolate. From that… i learnt not to restrict my own child! Have you tried avocado milkshakes yet? We used to get sick a LOT. We changed everything about our eating habits and I and my 2 kids have been sick ONCE this year with a simple head cold.

The food is more expensive but the trade off evens things out. I grew up on a farm where almost everything we ate came off our farm. We moved off the farm, had to switch to processed food and we started getting sick. One of my sisters even developed Celiacs. I have a three year old and am three days away from having my second child. I am hoping to write a cookbook one day, but as of now it still remains in the somewhat theoretical stages.

I started working on the agent proposal though- which means I wrote the title page, then bullshitted with the guy at Starbucks about possible Frappucino combinations. FYI- the apple pie frappucino? And I was once her editor! Thanks for making both of us preggers laugh today!

Thank you so much. I have tried and tried to get my two and a half year old to eat healthy, nutritious foods mainly vegetables and some lean proteins! He prefers cheese, crackers, fruit, avocodo, etc. He also loves french fries, chicken nuggets, etc. I figure I have to just ride it out and have faith that as he gets older, we can experiment more and do more together to learn about healthy, good-tasting food.

It gets better with time. Things I DO have problems with: Not for any health reasons, but because I think it tastes gross. I just cannot fathom a human being wanting to eat a plain piece of processed white bread and think it actually tastes good. Toby has just discovered the wonders of butter, which actually makes me more ok with it. Meaning no sauce, no butter, no rememnants of other foods that may have touched it.

Because then they expect ME to clean it off. Have you ever been in a restaurant taking the sauce off a plate of linguine strand by strand with a napkin? Would it have been easier for me to just send it back and ask for a plain plate?

One time my daughter grabbed a scoop of whipped butter off a stack of pancakes at Ihop and shoved the whole thing in her mouth. At Thanksgiving last year, Toby snuck up to the dinner table and started eating a stick of butter with his hands. We caught onto what he had done when he walked across the living room with a giant pat of butter lodged behind his ear. And since Atticus was a baby, whenever a waitress gives me a bowl of lemon wedges for my water, he steals and eats them all a few times with the rind and everything.

Second reaction two second later: This is so funny you should post this today bescaue I brought my 15 month home from the doctor today for her well visit and I thought, why am I taking her? He said, she is due for the Hep A vaccine today and I said, why does she need it. Men who have sex with other men. Persons who use street drugs. Persons with chronic liver disease.

Persons who are treated with clotting factor concentrates. Every visit is like this. So, I think this post comes at the right time for me. Yes, there are occasional problems that can crop up, but the majority of the time it is no big deal.

There are certain circumstances in which your body needs large amounts of a certain vitamin or mineral and you cannot realistically get enough from food, especially if you are sick and have lost your appetite.

It is about working with my body to heal, rather than against it. My kids are big on licking the jam off of toast and prefer their butter straight from the little gold-foiled containers at diners. The bread at La Petite Abeille, however, they eat with gusto with the butter on top.

I had an aweful eiexrpence with the Green Pasture Company. My advice to the company is this: I can get much better and less radiated stuff in Europe anyway. Her first foods were all pureed healthful goodness — now the best she can do is pasta plain.

Thank you for writing this. Oh, and the gender thing? You should see the looks I get from from people when they see my girl dressed in pink. This the clothing people buy her, are we supposed to throw it out!? This blog was a great read, and you sound like a wonderful mom: Thank you both for doing what you do!

There are some things in life like life itself- that are more important than money. I hope you would agree. As to tragedy being unlikely to strike, I think it is more common than you may think. I worked for many years for a major insurance company.

I dealt with clients every day that were facing horrible medical problems that no amount of natural healing would help. The little girl was 11 years old. She had multiple surgeries to reconstruct her face. Partial reimbursement is sent to the patient. If she had been my child, I would have sold everything I had and borrowed every panny I could to get the absolute best result. Your insurance is excellent as long as you have routine illnesses.

I wish you and everyone good heatlh, but guess what, we all are going to die. More than likely we will die from an illness, even if we take really good care of ourselves, and illnesses cost a lot of money. Will you borrow, or do you plan to save for it.

It could likely double by the time your kids are in college. We do not agree with financing cars, boats, clothing, etc. We believe that you should avoid it at all costs. If something simply tragic and unavoidable happens, you deal with it as you can. We need a real system overhaul and that is just not it.

We have an account for each of them and the money is in high-risk stocks we have advisors since they are so young. We plan to pay for school that way and, hopefully, through scholarships and grants if they receive any.

This totally had me cracking up. Having spent a weekend with my 2-year-old nephew, I can agree that they are totally wired for French Fries. He weighs nothing, eats little, but can consume his entire body weight in fries. My homemade squash purees with the tiniest hint of sage have given way to a steady diet of grilled cheese. What a hilarious, relatable, funny article!

Thanks so much for publishing it! We took the same approach as you with our daughter Fiona. All homemade food, all organic. She was eating frozen wild alaskan salmon three times a week at 7 months because we had heard about how natural omega threes cause super-human brain development. Of course, no sweets other than fruit.

So like six months ago we went back to our favorite restaurant ever — Noodle Pudding in Brooklyn Heights. We used to live nearby and go there once a week and would have been happy to have never eaten at another restaurant in our lives if we could just keep going there every week. We moved to Prospect Heights and had literally not been out to eat in over a year so one day we said screw it. Had a wonderful meal. Fiona was pushing her food around but being really good.

She likes to spend at least 90 minutes on all meals. Noah was passed out in whichever one of our like forty varieties of baby carrier was most likely to narcotize him that week.

We were like, in heaven. At the end they sent out like six desserts for us to try. She can try some dessert. We give her the little plate of flourless chocolate cake and she takes a spoonful and carefully tastes it…and as soon as her brain processes the flavor, her eyes basically pop out of her head and she instantly snaps into this frenzied mode of eating that we had never even imagined her being capable of.

And how do you think it sounds in my house when both your parents own a cupcake company? I tried mixing in raisins, dried fruit, seeds and the like. They crumbled them up, ate the cake, then smooshed all the healthy stuff into the carpet.

It also makes me wonder if similar efforts were made during my early days so I would have to stop blaming my parents for my picky eating. This is a really tiemly post for me.

She assured me it is normal for his age. We use natural remedies when our kids are sick, with great efficacy. Chicken nuggets are hard wired into my DNA and I will fight a bitch who tries to tell me otherwise. No, definitely because of that. Your email address will not be published.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The conundrum is clear. Stop in at Dandelion Wine tonight between to taste some Spanish wines and these cheeses from us:. Stay updated w BeerMenus: No discount code necessary! Want to see one of your favorite local good food growers, makers, purveyors or chefs listed on Nona? Got any scoops about good food in Brooklyn? Send us a tip. Good Food Stories News. Who Caught My Fish? Chicken Nuggets and French Fries: Confessions of a Mother and a Chef Posted by peter.

May 12 on. Allison Robicelli - mom, chef, writer and cupcake visionary. Eating With Your Eyes Closed: Confessions of a Mother and a Chef pocket knives europe says: Sep 20 at 3: Nov 19 at 8: Apr 17 at 8: Dec 12 at 8: Dec 01 at Apr 24 at 5: Aug 04 at 5: Feb 03 at 9: Jul 15 at 3: This website was… how do you say it?

Dec 19 at 1: Jul 19 at 2: Dec 19 at May 02 at 1: Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and reporting! Feb 14 at Dec 10 at Sep 07 at Jul 31 at 7: Jul 29 at 1: Apr 28 at 5: Jul 12 at Jun 23 at 4: Jun 16 at 1: Apr 28 at Mar 05 at Jun 15 at Jun 11 at Jun 24 at Laurel, You are a judgement asshole who obviously has no children!

Have a wonderful day! Feb 18 at 8: Aug 18 at 5: Laurel, I find it fascinating that you attack the author for feeding her children chicken nuggets and french fries, and simultaneously attack her for trying to feed them organic vegetables and locally sourced foods. Apr 28 at 9: Jun 07 at 6: WOW was that funny. Thank you for ending my work day on a high note.

At least the Italian police are not throwing a bone to the protestors by providing a hearing when nothing is being heard or engaging in a charade so as not to appear to be disrespecting women. You will know what happened in Washington when you read this. October 2, by Ellie Harty. Contrasting the testimonies of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh smacked us once again with examples of how women are seen and treated by those who want to discredit or undermine them.

Setting women against women: Then there was the testimony that sent me, generally a non-crier, to tears. The other was just standing by watching — oh — and laughing. That laughter in derision of her and of the situation was, indeed, most horrifying. It felt, to me, like the outer man ifestation of what happens to us when we are thought of as less than — or not thought of at all. Her experience was the outer expression of their inner laughing us — or how we are seen or treated — off.

Those in power cannot tire us out; they cannot laugh us off because we have such role models before us daily if we only look around — or perhaps — just look in the mirror.

September 29, by Regina Bannan. Does it surprise you that two lay religious congregation leaders of men will have a vote in the synod, but those of all the women will not? Sisters are laypeople, but brothers are, too. Kate writes to us:. Just about two weeks ago the Vatican released the list of participants for the upcoming Synod on Youth, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment.

I am attaching a sample sign for you to print here. Did you get that? Now women observers can speak, and not only in the breakout sessions but in the general assembly. And what might the concerns of youth be? Many, of course, but one area stands out to me:. The synod begins next Wednesday, October 3, and goes to the 28 th. They participate in the synod discussions, but do not have a vote on the final proposals given to the pope. This assembly is based on a representative process, with delegates moving through parish, diocesan and regional levels.

Catholics younger than 18 are Hispanic — a reality that will ultimately reshape the way we understand U. She finds young people who often feel treated like children in their communities, even when they are running successful programs.

Although some bishops are committed to nurturing Latinx lay leadership, this was not evident in much of the program. Despite the presence of exceedingly qualified lay experts and religious women, few had prominent roles as presenters of content or reflections.

Similarly, during the Visperas and Laudes morning and evening prayers and Eucharistic liturgies, a total of seven worship celebrations, women were excluded from almost all of the liturgical ministries. Accustomed to being actively involved in the worship life of their parishes, this shocked many of the women present.

I feel the pain of that exclusion, especially from the liturgy. I have seen prayer led by women during the meeting when the USCCB, only men, discussed the pastoral on women. Twenty-four years later at V Encuentro, there were many women participants, able to critique what was going on and what should have been said.

Latino Catholics is to find the fortitude and voice to deal with the difficult issues honestly, to advocate for inclusion and, when needed, to shake things up in the never-ending work for metanoia.

God needs this of all women as the church begins to examine the hopes and needs of youth throughout the world. We cannot evangelize when there is no trust and no voice and no votes. September 25, by Ellie Harty. Recently, I have been so overwhelmed by the revelations about our church, I decided to focus on what kind of church I — and maybe you — might really want. Like many of you, however, I am just a layperson, and I know there are many who have more studied and wise ideas on the subject.

When I want new perspectives, I often begin with poetry. I think it helps us see the world with fresh eyes. I chose this particular poem because it seemed relevant to starting any process and because it is written by a woman, effectively representing the influence and leadership and guidance and wisdom our Church so desperately needs. Try applying the words and images below to our past — and perhaps future — experience with the Church.

War, walking, chrysanthemum, sandal, wheat field, bee smoke of camera lens, war. September 22, by Regina Bannan. Are we prepared to end the minority rule that white men have wielded over the United States for hundreds of years?

Are we ready to tear down the foundation upon which that power stands and build something entirely new? Not because of sexual abuse or its cover-up. He just wrote a simple sentence.

By the way, Roy has been writing to newspapers in Pennsylvania making the same point that Moses makes: Moses goes on to say:. Meanwhile, a hazy secrecy surrounded whatever it was that happened in the Vatican over allegations that McCarrick sexually harassed and abused seminarians. The progressive ideas were only a threat to a small minority of clerics in Rome and in the US and probably other countries.

The real threat is all the cases discovered by the Grand Jury in Pennsylvania and just waiting to be found in the many states that are beginning the process. All this makes clear to me the inward focus of the Vatican, the culture of clericalism that Francis is trying to change. What matters is loyalty, caution, the inside game, church politics — not the people of God who the church is meant to serve.

Dick in a comment that summarizes Rome well:. Bottom line, the last three popes and who knows how many before that have failed to protect children. But Henneberger goes far to convince me otherwise. John Dick has some concrete suggestions for how to get what he and others are calling the Third Reformation moving. His list is an odd combination of modern management practices and the elimination of medieval titles and dress.

Lots more specifics are in this long article. I focus on these two because they are so reflective of the democratic culture in this country. Start on the local level. Francis may have something else in mind, as he calls the presidents of all the conferences of Catholic bishops together next February, not soon enough, in my opinion, but I see something positive in it.

There is a hint of a democratic, representational process here, an implied accountability to the other bishops in the country, if not exactly to the people of God.

Rather thrilling is the thought that the curial bishops might not be included. See the Cardinals Three reference above. To whom are they accountable, really?

September 18, by Ellie Harty. I think you are going to love this. One of our members presented it at our annual Southeast Pennsylvania chapter of WOC full day retreat last week. I asked Sisters Rosemarie and Jo Ann to show me their chapel. The room was simple, with a beautiful altar, but over the altar, where I had expected to see a crucifix, was a life-sized statue of Mary, her feet on the moon, her hands folded in a Namaste gesture, seeing to float out over the congregation.

Looking at the Mother, I felt an unshakable presence of compassion and peace. Sister Rosemarie opened a small drawer in a wooden chest and pulled out a brass crucifix. I think it was actually the crucifix itself, looming over an altar at which congregants gather to pray, to listen to scripture and each other, to reflect, to receive communion, and, as the Rabbi said, compassion and peace.

That was the real problem. We do not always need to be reminded of violence, suffering, and death. We can just look around us. In our Holy places, we need the feminine — the richness of all genders — not just masculine, to nourish and sustain us, to give us the strength and courage to cope with the violence and suffering and death around us.

We do need a new inclusion, but not only in presiders and celebrants and participants. We also need new forms, new creativity, new emphases in our sacred symbols and rituals, in our worship itself. We are the multi-gendered children of Wisdom. September 15, by Regina Bannan. It — and I — were born in the same year, , so we are celebrating 75 years together. The American bishops wanted to assist refugees. Now emergency aid after disasters and for migrants is still a major focus of the organization.

The other two primary emphases are health care and economic development, especially in agriculture. Most of the organizations with which I have been familiar in Africa, for example, established schools during the colonial era. IHD, as found in Catholic social teaching, supports the ability of each individual to realize his or her full human potential in the context of just and peaceful relationships, a thriving environment and solidarity with others.

This is a theory of growth that accepts the reality of poverty and the way that better health and economic development can improve the lives of the very poor around the world. The health focus is broad, though limited by its strict adherence to Catholic teaching. It includes treatment in health centers that also provide child care and health education. AIDS is a case in point. The epidemic has changed.

Treating those with the illness with the drugs developed over the last twenty years suppresses the virus not only in the diseased person; it slows the spread. That is the approach in the CRS clinics: The incidence of new cases is slowing, but certainly not stopped, especially among women. The CRS media people have fun with the agricultural focus. They describe fifteen women subsistence farmers using business babble: My favorite is the boss — a woman in Vietnam who leads a group who farm mangroves by boat.

I saw rice fields there that looked just like this, and wonder if these mangroves prevent erosion in this marshy shoreline — a thought that occurs to me on this weekend of hurricane, in the news all the time.

You notice that these are all women. CRS has developed many programs to serve women through processes that involve local communities to identify needs. Women are often marginalized in traditional societies, but do much of the work. These projects allow them to work more effectively and often to create income for themselves and their families.

The Washington Post notes that "poorer women are more likely to cheat ( Congressmen want to control poor people's sex lives by regulating. Women Uncorked is a discussion group for people who identify as women, to discuss sexual topics in a relaxed, judgement-free zone. Specifically, Washington's perception of the “perfect man” earns $, to According to research in The Journal of Sex Research, men.