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Lowell Massachusetts runner wants to try a big girl

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Also, yes, those pants do make you look fat. Since everybody in TV land spends all day desperately lying their way out of situations , one of the more reliable gags is to create a situation where you'd imagine the characters would lie, and have them be perfectly honest and straightforward instead. Sometimes this can separate a polite person from an impolite person, since a brutally honest character may say exactly what's on their mind.

A hallmark of the Caustic Critic. A common twist on this is when the characters are brutally honest, but then their honesty is not believed. Sometimes, this is deliberate. Another common twist is for a character to promise brutal honesty before saying something kind. A form of Bait-and-Switch. A Blunt "Yes" typically is an expression of this.

Armor-Piercing Response may use this. Another variation has Charlie being perfectly sincere and asking "Have I ever lied to you? Little wonder Joe doesn't believe him. It seems Charlie is quite an accomplished and imaginative fibber. A woman looking in the mirror asks Abe if her dress makes her behind look big. Abe nervously spends a few beats before answering yes.

Several Citi Double Card commercials show first dates with both sides being brutally honest and cheerful about it he says he will send a vague and confusing text a few days after the date, and she replies that she'll wait a few more days before replying; both agree that they'll never see each other again.

The commercial implies that a more honest world would be a better place. Subtlety is one of those things Goku's grandfather forgot to teach him. Best exemplified before Vegeta's Heroic Sacrifice against Majin Buu; when Vegeta asks him if he'll be able to see Goku in the Other World, Piccolo tells him point blank that Vegeta, having spent most of his life being an evil, mass-murdering Jerkass , is most likely going to Hell and one selfless act isn't enough to make up for it. Though Vegeta probably wanted a straight answer anyway.

Luffy from One Piece seems to do this deliberately. Zoro and usually Sanji tend to follow suit. Ichigo from the Please Teacher! Amplified by her snarkiness and social status.

He seemed to be about six when he was orphaned, and seems to have survived for the next one hundred and forty six years rejected by both human and Youkai , no surprise he forgot what tact he'd learned from his mother. Often times she's just stating the honest truth without realizing it might actually hurt someone's feelings. Sai of was raised as an assassin and spy by Root, an organisation where all emotion is stamped out.

As a result he can't predict whether his words will hurt others, and many problems are created or solved because Sai, unlike the other teenage protagonists, doesn't pussyfoot around delicate issues like "The promise your best friend made you when he was twelve is killing him" or "Sasuke is too dangerous to be left alive".

Also Tobirama Senju, aka. He has no problem saying exactly what he thinks about the Uchiha Clan, even if one of the last surviving members is the one asking him. Granted, it's not just your simple truth that everybody pretends they don't notice, it's a sophisticated Brutal Honesty.

In Plastic Memories , Isla's diary is filled with this. While Tsukasa notes that the entries seems kind of generic, Isla says that their job is to rip apart the bonds formed by humans and their Giftia. He sees this firsthand with Chizu and Nina. In Black God , a side-story shows that Namu used to work as a fortune-teller and didn't make much money off of it as she didn't see anything wrong with giving the plain and honest truth.

Such as flat-out telling a college kid he'd never pass college as he'd only look at porn all day in front of his mother and telling another man that he'd eventually die in the near future. It's no wonder she didn't get tips. On the other hand, especially in the manga, Ranma will lie without a second thought if it suits his purposes, and is in fact one of the most deceitful, false-tongued, insincere members of the cast. Their daughter , Vivio, had just proudly baked some cookies on her own. Unfortunately, the cookies were awful.

After taking one bite, Fate ran through various thoughts on what's the best way to say this to her daughter without breaking her 9-year old heart. Nanoha, on the other hand demonstrates the exact difference between her and Fate's opposed approaches to parenting: In Digimon Adventure , Tailmon has shades of this when she mentions all they can do while WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon fight is stand back and watch.

After being called out on it as to if she even cares about her friends Would it make a difference if I said yes? In the English dub, this is the nature of Mimi's crest, Sincerity and as such her greatest virtue. Not only does it mean that she's honest, but it also is meant to mean that she always stays true to herself.

Terriermon from Digimon Tamers even more so—his first line towards Takato is pointing out how bad a Tamer he is for losing his Digimon. It seems Munakata likes it, though, because he keeps Fushimi around as his third in command. There are only two situations where he's not brutally honest: The eponymous character in Soul Eater.

He consistently and bluntly tells his partner, Maka, that's she's flat and lacks sex appeal; he doesn't dislike Maka, though, sharing several incredibly heartwarming moments with her. This comes back into light during the Book of Eibon arc in the Lust chapter where one's inner most lust reflects itself as a gender swap. Soul becomes a dead ringer for Maka. The editor responds that saying that is the same as admitting his own lack of talent, and that no artists, whether veterans or rookies, can change editors.

He suggests that Takahama go elsewhere if he's dissatisfied, but Takahama, chastened, withdraws his request and apologizes. Mashiro and Takagi note that what the editor said was harsh, but he had a point and they should stop blaming Miura. Editor in chief Sasaki often do this.

Aoki Ko had this before her Character Development. Sshe would tell a author in their face and in a perfectly deadpan tone that she disliked their manga or that she does'nt think it have it's place in a Shonen Magazine.

After taking a level in kindness , she remains honest, but is far less cold about it. Near alternates between being so honest people want to punch him, and so dishonest people want to punch him. L often roams a tactful middle ground, but Near seems completely inconsiderate with no intention to give consideration the old college try. Until the very last chapter, where he makes gestures toward both the old task force and the memory of Mello. The implication is that Mello, who enabled his victory, demonstrated that caring can, in fact, be an advantage.

However, L does have two moments when he first meets Light. The entire conflict between the two is about subtlety, as one screw up from either of them will expose their identity. Thus, Light is taken completely by surprise when his classmate, "Hideki Ryuga", bluntly admits that he's L. Light is then rendered speechless when L follows up by declaring he suspects that Light is Kira. Light later admits that this was a very clever move: Takashi Hayashida from 3-gatsu no Lion does not mince any words whenever he directly or indirectly speaks of his student Rei's social ineptness in school.

Shiho's mother in Zettai Karen Children adopts this as something of a coping mechanism due to Shiho's psychometry powers, which enable mind reading with any physical contact. So as to not try to hide things from Shiho, she simply speaks her mind, with no regard as to what she's about to say. Ryuunosuke in The Pet Girl of Sakurasou ; he did not hide why he comes out to attend classes to obtain enough attendance points to go to college , and, of course, towards Rita in episode 10, when he sees right through her "fake smile" and tells it like he sees it.

It doesn't go very well with her. Her willingness to speak her mind regardless of how the listener will take it causes much of the conflict early on in the story, but it also helps Miho speak honestly about her troubles later on. I hate lies and flattery. There's no point in wasting praise on the selfish. Attack on Titan has numerous examples of this trope. Given the grim, and oftentimes cruel, setting that the story takes place in, the ability to deliver hard, verbal slaps to the face is almost a necessity.

The guy who stands out the most in this area has got to be Captain Levi of the Survey Corps; he says whatever's on his mind when he sees fit, politeness or dangerous circumstances be damned. Jean is also notorious being unflinchingly honest with his opinions.

This is actually sensible because the Survey Corps needs recruits that would volunteer despite knowing the terrible odds. And later on when Erwin is questioned about his role in the two Titan shifters battling each other and destroying part of Stohess , he stated it was his responsibility and made no excuses for it.

When Floch is asked about Marlowe's death in a suicidal charge against the Beast Titan by someone who knew the person in question, he mentions how Marlowe 's bravery inspired the new recruits Kotoura-san deals with this in a few ways.

Deconstructed in Haruka's case. Haruka the telepath became The Cassandra because of this trope— her words made all the people around her seem like a compulsive liar , and for that reason she was labelled the compulsive liar. That's the reason why she can stand Manabe; he's one of the few people who actually speak what he thinks. Manabe's case is more Lighter and Softer than his girlfriend does as he at least can't read others' minds.

He plays it for both laughs and drama. Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss. He will tell just about anybody what he really thinks about the situation whether they asked him to or not and he will usually do it in the rudest possible way. We do see on occasion that he does know how to be tactful, but most of the time he chooses not to be.

This also means when he dodges around things like the fact he likes Nanami it's painfully obvious. This actually results in a heartwarming moment when Tomoe finally admits to loving Nanami , as his honesty and complete lack of censorship make it Squee! It was even lampshaded by the local Cosplay Otaku Girl Chihaya. She's perfect for Hydrangea [Blue, one of the heroines of Magical Flowers ] A few characters practice this in Saki , Hiroko " FunaQ " Funakubo of Senriyama, after hearing that her teammate Izumi Nijou lost badly in her match in the semi-finals, says that she messed up, and proceeds to disabuse her of her notion that she's the best first-year mahjong player in the inter-high tournament.


Obstacle Course Training & OCR Books | Mud Run, OCR, Obstacle Course Race & Ninja Warrior Guide

Our mission at Savage Race is to provide endurance enthusiasts with something even bigger than the race itself.

We want participants to push themselves until they think they can run no further, climb no higher and go no faster. Being a Savage means pushing yourself to the ultimate limit, and the high you will feel after completing one of our events is something that you will never forget. It is fast and flat! One of the BEST in the business!

Great staff, well organized, tough obstacles, perfect distance. Only a few of the great things about Savage Race.

They take great care of their volunteers and the race itself is always a great competitive environment. One of if not the best OCR race series around. I've run two Savages this year with another 3 on the books to go. This is, by far, one of the best OCR series out there.. Not only are the obstacles challenging, they are fun!

Instead of hearing, "Oh shit, here's the stupid bucket again" you hear, "Awesome! Even the Heads of the Organization are actively involved with the runners constantly getting their input to make things better. And, not to mention, the prices aren't outrageous either! You can't ask for a better time. Savage Race could be the best run OCR organization. Great value, fantastic and innovative courses and challenges. Chicago was my 3rd full Savage and second Blitz of I can't wait for the next so I can add to my Syndicate collection.

I can not say another good things about them. The race is tough but if you cant get through an obstacle there is always someone to lend a helping hand and a positive word. Such a welcoming group. The organization is the best in the business.

Always so happy when a Savage race is coming up!! Savage puts on an outstanding race series! The standard by which to compare all OCR! They blend challenge and fun so that all racers The tagline of the perfect distance and best obstacles is spot on! Onl complaint is that there arent more offered.

Keep up the great work Savage Team!! I enjoy Savage Races because it is the perfect distance and challenges for me to achieve my goals. Savage is setting the bar with their customer service, other organizations are still in the mud. Only OCR that I have drove Once you go Savage, you never go back to another ocr.

By far the best obstacles in any OCR. There are no duplicate challenges in this business. No two projects are the same. The last time we saw Jack, he was completing his third successful internship at Commodore and was headed back for his last semester at Wentworth. That semester proved to be as successful as his internships. Jack graduated with a degree in Construction Management and a passion for the business of construction.

Jack joins Commodore as an Assistant Superintendent in our C. Jack was born and raised in Holliston, Massachusetts. He attended Holliston High School and was the captain of the golf team. I worked residential construction right through college, whenever I had spare time. Jack says what he likes the most about construction is seeing a project come to life. Jack is also an avid concert-goer. He says his most memorable concert was the Metallica concert at Gillette. Christina joins us from Sun Life Financial, where she has had a role focused on the business of Group Insurance Benefits.

Christina has worked in account management, claims, and customer service. She says the one thing all three roles had in common was the strong focus on customer satisfaction. Christina prides herself on the ability to relate to people and to keep them feeling at ease even while solving really tough problems. Christina was born and raised in Waltham and lives there still — with her husband and their five children.

She says she could spend from sun up to sun down in the sand. Rich comes to Commodore from G. Greene Construction, where he was a superintendent for 12 years.

During that time, Rich worked on a wide variety of projects, mostly in the healthcare sector. I like the challenge of construction. And I welcome the business challenge of broadening the Commodore portfolio of healthcare projects. Tom comes to Commodore from Whiting Turner where he worked as a superintendent for over 9 years. Tom has worked on a broad range of projects during his career.

Tom was born in Boston and raised in Natick. Tom comes from a construction family. According to Tom, it was a natural progression for him to get involved in building, too. He got into carpentry when he was in high school. His father has owned a structural engineering firm in Natick for over 35 years and his brother is a PE, working for the firm. Sean was born and raised in Burlington, Massachusetts. He attended Boston College, where he played varsity baseball and graduated with a degree in Economics.

Following college, Sean entered the world of financial services. He took a position as a retirement plan representative for Putnam Investments and became an increasingly active member of the Burlington community.

In , Sean switched gears and joined the Red Sox organization as the Director of Premium Sales, combining his passion for baseball with his affinity for business development. His role was to establish lucrative marketing partnerships between Fortune brands and FSG Properties.

In , Sean returned to the world of finance, as the Director of Business Development for a financial advisory firm in Burlington.

Sean tapped into his extensive network of industry contacts and added new real estate relationships, which eventually led him to an interest in construction management and to Commodore. He was a also an assistant superintendent on the Reebok World Headquarters project. Paul is a graduate of Wentworth, with a degree in Construction Management.

He was born and raised in Walpole, where he still lives today. The trio hand out near Long Lake and Brandy Pond. Paul says he joined Commodore because of the diversity of clients and projects in our portfolio.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY which prepared me to expect pretty much anything in life. I moved to Boston to go to college and grew to like the city and the people. Tina joined Commodore as our Marketing Coordinator.

Today, she is our newest Proposal Manager. During her junior year, she studied abroad in Rome for a semester. If I could do it again, I would in a heartbeat. Since graduation, Tina has been living in Newton. I have so much to learn from this team. Ashley originally joined Commodore as a Proposal Manager. In her role as Manager, Ashley is accountable for all proposals, qualifications, interview materials and all deliverables related to the pursuit of new business.

She comes to Commodore from C. Floyd, a commercial construction management firm based in Bedford, MA. Ashley says her love for Marketing was sparked by an internship during her senior year in college. Ashley was born and raised in Duxbury, MA and now lives in Somerville. She has a big family, one that extends all the way to Ireland, which Ashley describes as her favorite country outside the U. He joins Commodore as a Project Engineer in our C.

Bobby was born in Arlington, MA and raised in a construction family. His father owns a commercial and residential construction business and Bobby grew up working there during summers and school breaks. He did framing, painting, flooring, sheetrock and demolition. There was always talk around the dinner table about fixing cars and managing money. He worked as a process development engineer, charged with the responsibility for technical writing projects and for assisting with trouble shooting for new manufacturing equipment, processes and test methods.

Every second counted on the manufacturing floor. I thrived on that and just got more focused on getting the assembly line running again. Growing up I was always building things with my grandfather, who was a carpenter. I like leading the trades in the field. Maureen is our Human Resources Manager. In that capacity, Maureen was responsible for the daily operation of the firm, including the HR, contract management and overall administrative functions that drove the success of the firm.

Maureen was born and raised in Bedford, MA and lives there still. She graduated from St. Maureen is dedicated to promoting autism awareness and attaches an autism charm to each piece of jewelry she makes. Maureen often speaks about autism and she shares her jewelry with others. Cara joins Commodore from the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, where she has worked for the last two years. During her time at Whiting-Turner, Cara has focused on institutional projects, including the construction of a new academic building, the interior renovations of various college buildings and landscaping renovations at Lafayette College.

Born in New Jersey. Cara has lived in many different states, including Illinois, Vermont, and most recently Pennsylvania, before moving up to Boston to join Commodore. Colin joins Commodore as an Assistant Project Manager. He comes to us from Whiting Turner, where he had interned prior to graduation. He transitioned into a full-time Project Engineer after graduation. Colin then traveled to Chantilly, Virginia to work on a government agency building and then out to Iowa where he spent 13 months building four data centers.

There is always something new. And nothing is ever the same. The complexity of the projects and the focus on end-users can really push your problem-solving ability. Colin was born and raised in Boston. He boxed in college and is currently an amateur Muay Thai boxer. She has managed a wide spectrum of projects, from roof replacements to full gut renovation and addition projects, all in the public sector. The relationships are deep. Jenn was born and raised in Beverly. Today she lives in Danvers with her son, Alex and their rescue puppy Jake.

The duo enjoys skiing together throughout the winter months and when the season changes they transform into amusement park junkies. She also describes herself as a comfort food cook and a movie buff. Matt is a graduate of Wentworth, with a degree in construction management. He was born and raised in Canton, MA and has been fascinated with construction for as long as he can remember. In addition to being surrounded by a construction family, Matt says the thing he likes most about building is the transformation process from a blank slate to a finished product.

He goes to the gym, plays soccer and has a penchant for cleaning his car. During the winter he likes to snowmobile and snowboard and enjoys any sport that gets him outside and active. Pete comes to Commodore from Walsh Construction of Illinois, where he worked for 11 years.

He led a team of safety managers, covering projects from Maine to West Virginia. Pete grew up in a construction family and graduated from Keene State College with a degree in Occupational Safety. I even applied to the pre-med program at UMass, just to please her — but then I ended up getting accepted — and broke her heart when I turned them down.

Pete lives in Nashua, NH with his wife and their two children. Paul joined Commodore as a Project Engineer. And after 6 months of being here, he was promoted to Assistant Project Manager! Paul says he has always wanted to make his career in construction industry.

Growing up, he helped his dad complete a myriad of home improvement projects. During summer breaks from school he built decks for a home improvement company and worked at a hardware store, learning the tools of the trade. After graduation from college, Paul joined the national heavy civil contractor Walsh, as an assistant surveyor.

In that role he worked on the University Ave Bridge project in Lowell, providing the line marks for steel girders and concrete forms and identifying the new and existing utilities for tie-ins. From there, Paul joined Barletta and was assigned to the Route add-a-lane project in Needham. Paul says those experiences — ranging from site layout to crane assembly and disassembly — taught him the inner-workings of heavy civil projects and the complexities of subcontractor and owner interactions.

Paul was born and raised in Chelmsford and lives there still. Throughout high school he played ice hockey and lacrosse. While his team athletic days are behind him, Paul enjoys riding motorcycles.

He races dirt bikes on the weekends and in the winter he likes to snowboard. Will made the connection with Clark management while he was completing his degree in Civil Engineering at Bucknell University. Will held a wide spectrum of responsibilities from managing demolition, to coordinating MEP trades and supervising the BIM process. Along the way they worked in an orphanage and a school, teaching classes and sharing experiences with kids of all ages.

The trip left us with the knowledge that there is so much more to see in the world. Will says he developed the love for bowling while he was in college. Tom comes to Commodore from Richard White Sons, where he worked as a superintendent for 13 years. While he was there, he managed projects that ranged from athletic fields to new ground-up construction for clients including Suffolk University, Wellesley College and Watertown Savings Bank.

Tom has spent his entire career in construction. My father was a superintendent, as well as four of his brothers. I was destined to follow the family tradition. Tom thinks respect is the key attribute that makes a successful superintendent.

And you have to earn that respect, from Day One. Tom lives in Dunstable with his wife, Karen and their two children, Derek and Jessica. The family loves to ski and snow mobile in the winter. Tom says that since he specializes in building Institutional projects, the summers are reserved for working.

But even in the summer, Tom and Karen still manage to get out on their Harley for weekend rides. Chris comes to us from Cutler Associates where he worked as a Project Executive.

Chris is a native of Washington state. He attended Georgia Tech and graduated with a degree in Building Construction. Petersburg, FL and the historic renovation in Charleston, SC of an old school house renovated into condominiums. While he was working in Florida, Chris went up to Scranton, PA to complete a quick renovation project — and while he was there, he met his future wife, Jaye.

The two married, had two kids and remained in Florida for another 8 years — but they always talked about returning to New England. He enjoys trail running and going to the gym. And he volunteers on the planning Board for the town of Brookline. Julie joins Commodore as a project administrator. She comes to us from Eversource Energy where she worked as a customer service representative. Prior to Eversource, Julie worked as an administrative assistant at Case Assembly Solutions for 5 years.

In her role in both companies, Julie held a wide range of responsibilities, from customer care and coordination to accounts payable and receivable. Both positions required Julie to switch quickly between tasks, to embrace new technology rapidly and to maintain constant communication within her teams.

Julie was born and raised in Brockton and recently bought a home in Norton. This is their first year playing football and Julie is the team mom!

John joins Commodore most recently from Bonanno Construction, Inc. John eventually left the family business and spent the next 17 years working with the general contractor Consolidated Contracting, first as a superintendent and later as a partner. The firm focused mainly on downtown tenant interior work, but also had an uninterrupted presence on the campus of Harvard University for 14 years running up to the recession in John graduated from Suffolk University.

He was born and raised in Medford, MA. Today he lives in Belmont with his wife, daughter, son and puppy. Growing up, my mother was an executive chef and my father worked in construction. When I was a little older I also worked as a laborer for my father on the weekends, cleaning up his jobsites, hauling trash and even swinging a sledge hammer every once in a while to take down a wall or two.

Little did I know, that was the beginning of my career in construction. It was pure chance that 15 years ago a recruiter sent me on an interview for an Office Management position at a construction firm. I think they hired me right away after hearing about my experience as a laborer — even though it had nothing to do with the position. Regardless of how I got there, I had found my home in the construction industry. I have a passion for figuring things out and getting things done.

But I found that the playing hard part of the equation was tipping the scales. With the support of the amazing leadership at Commodore, I began my journey into sobriety in August, I knew only that I was not ashamed of my recovery.

It was the hardest and best thing I ever did. And to my pleasant surprise, I received nothing but support and admiration. Our mission is to help women who are suffering from addiction; who are struggling in early sobriety; or are sober and want resources to stay that way. I am also the Co-host of a weekly pod-cast about recovery from alcoholism and addiction, called The Bubble Hour www. For me, one of the greatest gifts of sobriety is being able to help other people.

Jason started his career as a civil engineer for Los Angeles County, then spent two years building homes throughout the east coast for Blu Homes before coming to Commodore. I love the productivity of commercial construction, and the strong process and communication that it entails. When Jason graduated in , the state of California was recruiting civil engineering grads nationwide.

One of the enticements for relocation other than the weather, beaches, sunshine, etc was the opportunity to earn his P. Ten years later…he and his wife decided it was time to return to their roots in New England. Jason and his wife, Nicole, live in Foxboro. Jason and Nicole are both pursuing their masters degrees currently. They manage multiple rental properties together, and spend the small remainder of their free time being active and traveling. Scott comes to Commodore from Cutler Associates, where he worked as a Preconstruction Manager for five years.

During that time, Scott worked on a wide spectrum of projects, from small gut renovations to large ground-up warehouses, residential dormitories and apartment buildings.

He worked for the international group, estimating projects being built all over the world. Scott graduated from Keene State College with a degree in Geography. He entered college with the expectation of majoring in Elementary Education and Geography. He pictured a lifetime of teaching students about demographics; why people live where they live and why cities grow.

As he progressed through school, he became more engaged with geography and less with education. He finished college with a Geography degree in hand. Right about that time, Scott ran into the owner of C. Mabardy, a well-established site work contractor. He offered Scott an opportunity to learn the industry through the basics of estimating and the rest is history.

Scott was born and raised in Derry, New Hampshire. Today he lives with his family in Charlton, MA. Scott and his wife Michelle have two children. The family enjoy skiing, camping and hiking. From the time that I could walk, I had a passion for building, creating, and using my imagination.

When they would build a tower with their blocks, I would build a skyscraper. I never understood the concept of keeping it simple, which would sometimes cause me unnecessary frustration, but my attention to detail and my desire to make my projects stand out from the rest, helped shape me into the person I am today.

Civil engineering and commercial construction was an obvious choice for me, and my specialty has always been from the ground up! I love overseeing every facet of the construction process, and I welcome the challenge of completing each and every project on time.

In my spare time, I enjoy going to sporting events with my wife and two sons, and doing projects in and around our home in Duxbury. I am most proud of my custom cedar and granite fence that I designed and built along with my custom cedar trellises. I also have a passion for wood cutting, landscape and interior design, masonry, cooking on my smoker, and riding my Vespa. Ryan comes to Commodore from D. Beane, a Boston-based construction management firm focused on the biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Ryan grew up in the construction business. His father owned a residential construction company and Ryan worked for him during the summers and throughout his first year after graduation from Wentworth.

During his time in college, Ryan also completed 3 internships at William A. He also likes to carve and turn wood. He especially enjoys making wooden bowls. When he was four years old Ryan went to see the concrete trucks pouring a pool at a home his father was building. He was hooked from that day on, and remained focused throughout school on pursuing his career in construction. I enjoy the complexity of these projects and the opportunity to solve problems I encounter along the way.

Tony comes to us from Trinity Building and Construction Management, where he worked as a superintendent. Prior to Trinity, Tony spent nine years with Permasteelisa, one of the largest curtain wall companies in the world, based in Venice, Italy. In his capacity as the Senior Project Manager for the in-house general construction division, he oversaw projects throughout the United States. Tony says his whole family has always been involved in construction. I was 14 years old and my brother-in-law would take me with him to project sites on the weekends — just so I would spend more time in construction than on the baseball field.

And construction ultimately won out. Tony was born in Italy and grew up on the South Shore. Today he lives on the North Shore with his wife, Debra. The couple has four grown children and four grandchildren — all living locally.

Tony and Debra love to travel. And they love to go camping. Tony plays basketball and softball. She was managing a full spectrum of construction projects, from labs and office renovations tot he historic restoration of Alden Memorial Hall. The opportunity to participate in the restoration of this iconic structure was too good for Susan to pass up and so began her year career with AJ Martini.

At the conclusion of the Belmont Hill project, Susan took time off to raise her two children, Paul and Quinn. Susan, her husband Paul and their two children live in Wayland.

They spend winter weekends skiing on Okemo in Ludlow, Vermont. In that role, Chris was responsible for the estimating, the document control and the closeout of projects. During his time with Vantage, Chris has worked on projects ranging from small tenant fit-outs to large, out-of-the-ground additions, labs and clean rooms.

He has worked for clients including Millipore, Omnicare and Vanderweil Engineers. Within a year, I became a Project Coordinator, working with Vantage. I just got into it. I fell in love with construction. Chris was born and raised in Walpole — and now lives in Norwood. He spends time at the gym. He goes to Patriots games with his family and he is continually renovating the old commercial steel building that he lives in.

It feels great to bring life back into the building. That job was my babysitter. He began working with Rebuildex, an insurance restoration general contractor based on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

And then moved to Project Risk Analytics, where he was working when we met him. He was the project manager on our Wakefield Santander project. Being here now feels like a natural extension of that experience. Marcus was born and raised in Boston. Today he lives with his wife, Ashley and their 6 children in Walpole. Believe it or not — Marcus also carves out time to build furniture.

Kara joins Commodore as a Proposal Manager. In her capacity as coordinator, Kara was responsible for proposals, RFQ responses, marketing materials and event planning. Kara was born and raised in Wayland, MA. Kara and her older brother Michael spent their childhood years playing soccer and hanging out with their friends.

Kara headed to Northeastern University where she graduated in with a degree in Communication Studies. During her time at Northeastern, Kara became completely immersed in the Husky culture.

She played intramural sports, enjoyed exploring Boston and spent a semester abroad on the Gold Coast of Australia. Today Kara lives in South Boston. She still follows hockey. John comes to Commodore from Limbach Company, a mechanical contractor based in Woburn. The experience he gained working with both mechanical contractors has given John a detailed knowledge of the installation of MEP systems and the ability to streamline and perfect mechanical designs for constructability.

John works closely with the entire Operations team to ensure the quality of our MEP delivery to clients. John knows the John Hancock Tower inside and out from his work on multiple mechanical projects there.

The whole family snowboards. Once the snow melts, the family takes to the water, on their boat moored in Marblehead Harbor. John golfs, mountain bikes, plays Frisbee golf and restores furniture in partnership with his wife, who is an artist and superb cook. Chris comes to Commodore from A. Martini, where she worked for almost 14 years, in many different capacities. Chris started her career with Martini in the Accounting Department — first in corporate accounting and then project accounting.

She took on the responsibilities of office manager and then full time administrative support for Paul Martini. Chris will take on the role of Accounting Manager here at Commodore. Chris graduated from Assumption College with a degree in Accounting. Today Chris lives one town over, in Wakefield, with her husband Mike and their three children.

Chris is an avid reader, always looking for new book suggestions. She loves to bake — and makes a mean chocolate chip cookie. She skis with her family, but nothing makes her happier than sitting in a beach chair in the sand, with a book in her lap and an umbrella drink by her side! Lorenzo has been working in the construction industry since he was fifteen years old — accompanying his father on residential projects — helping with demolition, repairs, and remodeling.

He always had a vision of what it could be. At first, I would just follow his direction, but over time I began to play an active role in the transformation process. In his spare time, he teaches himself things like Revit.

Currently, he is building himself a virtual 3-family home, complete with a game room, studio and vegetation roof deck. During that time, Mike has managed projects ranging from base building improvements to tenant interior fit outs. Despite his strong focus on the tenant interior sector, Mike has worked in the restaurant, retail, institutional and life science sectors.

He has worked on the campuses of Northeastern University and Brown University and has brought a number of buildings out of the ground. Mike was born and raised south of Boston and has lived here all his life. Today he calls Sturbridge home. I just finished re-doing my bathroom. My workshop is next on the list. I have a big pile of quarter sawn oak in my basement waiting for me. Michael comes to Commodore from Monitor Builders where he worked there for five years, building projects mainly in the healthcare industry.

He managed the recent renovations and major infrastructure upgrades at Mayo Regional Hospital in Dover Foxcroft, Maine. In Skowhegan he renovated a live patient medical surgery floor. Michael has built oncology and endoscopy units.

He specializes in managing accelerated schedules in occupied patient care settings. Michael grew up in a construction family. I was on my first job site by the tender age of five. Michael was born and raised in Westwood, MA.

He just recently moved into his new place in Westboro. Michael says he loves to cook. He makes beer and spirits — outside in the summer and in the garage in winter. Michael is also an avid hunter. During that time, Brenda has focused on the retail, restaurant and institutional sectors. She started as a field engineer…progressed to Project Manager…and then moved into Estimating, where it was easier for her to balance work and family responsibilities while raising three young boys.

Brenda was born and raised in Braintree and now lives in Franklin with her husband Jack and two of their three boys. Brenda chose to join Commodore because she wants to get back into estimating larger, more complex projects. The kinds of projects the team described interested me…and I liked coming to work at a place where I already knew some of the people.

The stakes were very high and so were the safety measures taken. Every single lift had to be approved by a registered engineer. Jim has decades of experience maintaining safe sites in the field and working within corporations to raise safety awareness.

He started his safety career on the Big Dig, working for Perini Corp. Jim lives on a lake in Milton, NH with his wife Lori and their three dogs. Jim describes himself as having a Collaborative leadership style.

From interns to execs I want people to speak up! Another set of eyes always helps. Jonathan joins us from Shawmut where he worked as a senior project manager. Jonathan was born and raised in Connecticut. He attended Virginia Tech, graduated with an undergraduate degree in Urban Planning and spent the next five years working at a non-profit focused on rural development.

During that time, he also started a family. He returned to graduate school to study construction management and then relocated to Boston. He spent three years working on private higher education projects before returning to Virginia with his wife, Holly, and their two children.

The Virginia company he returned to gave Jonathan the opportunity to build his first residential project, an Extreme Makeover: We had a great team. Jonathan went on to build a courthouse in Virginia, just as the economy crashed. He took on the Fluvanna County project and by the time that project concluded, the kids were college bound and Jonathan and Holly moved back to Boston. Alicia comes to Commodore from American Construction, a commercial firm that specializes in the construction of fast-track projects in the retail and corporate space.

Following graduation she relocated to Maryland and embarked on a career in the marketing field. Alicia relocated back to Boston, where her career took an unexpected turn, right into the world of construction. I saw the results of my work so concretely…and so quickly. I knew then that I would always work in construction. Alicia was born in Springfield, MA but she has lived in Saugus since she was 5 years old. Nick joins Commodore as a Project Engineer in our C.

He comes to us from Lafayette College where he graduated with a degree in Engineering Studies. Nick was born and raised in Bronx, NY. During high school, Nick travelled around the country from Texas to Montreal, playing various defensive positions.

He even travelled to Jamaica and got to play with the under national team. The other half was academics, cross country and track.

Sports gave me discipline. It taught me how not to waste valuable time. My academics benefited from sports and I think my career will, too. Nick says he was always good at math and physics, so a degree in engineering made sense. But he soon found that he had a passion for managing projects more than for technical design. I like contributing to the progress of a project and seeing the effect it has on the people you are building it for.

Nick currently lives in Somerville. From as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a veterinarian. I passed the course, but it was torture. Dan comes to us from DN Tanks where he built circular pre-stress wire wound concrete tanks, meant for storing liquids such as drinking water. Dan says his favorite build was in Green Bay, Wisconsin. There were logistical and environmental challenges, custom equipment in use and two hour continuous concrete placements.

A satisfied customer is a repeat customer. He built tunnels, pump stations, bridges and roads. All part of the Central Artery Project.

Dan graduated from Wentworth with a degree in Civil Engineering. He was born and raised in Wakefield, MA and now lives in Wilmington with his wife and their two kids. In that capacity, Brian led teams in the execution of projects in the Life Science and Process Construction industries. Brian was born and raised in Brooklyn, Connecticut.

Today he lives in Sutton with his wife Joanna and their three children. Brian and Joanna both play golf. Joanna enjoys the beach. Brian hunts and fishes both locally and in Maine, where he has kept his ties since early college days.

My grandparents had a acre farm in Northern New Hampshire. Dave joined Gilbane 16 years ago. He worked his way through the Operations, Support Operations and Financial Management functions of the organization.

That experience gave Dave a deep and valuable understanding off all facets of construction management. Dave graduated from Providence College with a degree in Accountancy. He remembers being in a Marketing class back in those days, when his pager went off announcing that his wife Suzanne was in labor, ready to deliver their first daughter, Maddie.

Now, Dave is excited to help guide our rapidly growing firm. Construction is a tough industry — and your word is all you have.

Dave was born and raised in Rehoboth, MA. He lives there with his wife Suzanne and their four children. Dave describes his family as a collection of ships passing in the wind — with never a dull moment. The sports seasons never end. Julie joins Commodore as a Project Manager. She comes to us from Israel, where she has been working as a structural engineer at Yaron Offir Engineers Ltd. This unique firm, based in Haifa, is focused on advanced risk evaluation, assessment, design and the retrofit of facilities under earthquake and other dynamic forces.

In her capacity as a structural engineer, Julia provided retrofitting solutions for existing structures, predominantly elementary schools. She also designed public and residential buildings, including a shopping center and two floor residential buildings. During that time, she was responsible for the design coordination and supervision on site of a wide range of construction projects. I decided to write my dissertation on seismic retrofitting of existing buildings.

Julia and her husband Dima live in Cambridge with their son, Andrei. Krista joins Commodore as an assistant project manager. Krista graduated from Wentworth, with a degree in Construction Management. But her connection to construction began way back. She was 10, working with her uncle Steven, pulling staples out of the exterior of a residential renovation.

From there, her responsibilities grew to include interior labor, painting, scaffolding and shingling! In high school she took three years of carpentry and set her college sights on Wentworth. She completed three consecutive internships with William A.

Berry during those college years. Despite the down economy when she graduated in , Krista was hired by Consigli as a project engineer. Krista was born and raised in Cambridge. She played baseball growing up and switched to softball when she was She played varsity softball all four years in high school and again at Wentworth. Krista recalls her single mom Lori, tirelessly shuttling from one field to another, getting Krista and her brother to their games, often in different towns.

Bob graduated from Hobart College with a degree in Architecture. He went on to Northeastern University for his post-graduate degree in Construction Management. No two days are ever the same. Bob was born in New Hampshire, raised in Connecticut and now lives in Swampscott and has two daughters. Growing up, Lauren wanted to be a journalist, but when it came time for college, her father, a life-long entrepreneur, would only pay for Babson.

Any place else, she was on her own. So she put journalism aside, graduated with a dual degree in organizational behavior and communications… without debt…and with a newfound taste for business. Lauren joined Ford Motor Company right out of school. She became the first female field manager on the East Coast, before trading-in cars for a career in the nascent days of the computer graphics industry. Her small firm was gobbled up by DuPont, where she spent a few more years as a European market manager.

Done with the international commute, she joined Jack Morton, an IPG company focused on experiential brand communications for Fortune companies. Eight years later, she joined the emerging brand practice at Continuum, an industrial design firm. Joe was looking for someone from outside the construction industry, with a fresh perspective. The time was right for a new challenge. In January, , Lauren joined Commodore….

How is your experience at Commodore different from when you worked for a Fortune company? Big corporations invest big money in training. It set the trajectory for my career. My ideas, good or bad, can be measured in moments; results are immediate and they make a difference.

It forms leadership on all levels of the organization. It determines the goals we set and the way we pursue them. They need the skills and knowledge to be excellent and to feel fulfilled in their work.

How much I love it. Almost a decade into my career here, the complexity of the industry still amazes me. So many spheres of influence. Having permission to do things differently is a rare and exhilarating charter for me…as much today as it was the day I started. I suspect that makes the engineers around here a little crazy. I have to work harder at visualizing the tiny details to make sure big concepts actually happen.

I love cooking and looking out at the Bay. Roger comes to Commodore from Tishman, where he built the historic boutique Ames Hotel and constructed a 2-phased , SF project for Verizon, at Franklin Street.

Before joining Tishman, Roger was a lead superintendent at Payton for almost 14 years. Dating all the way back to his years in high school, Roger was focused on becoming an architectural draftsman. He got into the work force — attended Wentworth and Northeastern at night — worked by day — raised a family — and built a reputation as a top notch super in Boston. Roger was born in Canada.

When he was 8 years old, his parents moved the family of 4 boys to Waltham, where the spent the rest of his youth. He settled in Newton over 30 years ago and, according to Roger, has no intentions of moving again. No matter where he is, he manages to play his acoustic guitar just about every day and occasionally takes the MGB he restored out for a spin.

His passion reverberates wherever he is. Helping to build a company is fun. Julie joins Commodore as a Staff Accountant. In this role, Julie will work with the Project Administrators as a liaison between Operations and Accounting. Before holding that position, she worked as the office manager at a Newton-based CPA firm.

When Julie first joined DPS, she wore many hats: Finance, HR and Payroll. There were 35 people on the DPS team. Fast forward just three years. The firm now has employees and three locations. That qualifies as rapid growth and the experience taught Julie the ability to manage without sweating the small stuff. I respect their time and their deadlines and when I do that, we all work better as a team. Julie was born and raised in Waltham and lives in Waltham still, with her husband Bill and their two children, Mellissa and Will.

Family dinners are a challenge. But we all like to cook, so we manage to get together at least three nights a week. Cooking is also a hobby — her homemade raviolis are a signature dish she makes on demand every Christmas. Adam joins Commodore from Kinetics. Adam is a graduate of Buffalo State with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He joined a consulting engineering firm right our of college, working as a mechanical designer.

He got into the construction side of the business when he joined The Kirlin Group as a project manager focused primarily on lab construction. Adam says he loves the challenge that comes with every day being different in the business of building for Life Sciences. Adam was born in Mount Morris, NY.

After college he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. Two years he moved to Boston and 10 months ago his family joined him in their new home. Adam and his wife Kelly have two children and the family is expecting number 3 in November!

But the vitality and enthusiasm of the whole Commodore crew continuously keeps me excited and motivated. I enjoy coming to work each day. My two daughters my pride and joy; my best friends and I have been on cross country driving trips, as well as excursions to Europe and Asia. It was an opportunity to put his technical and people skills to use in an industry that needed his expertise.

Mark is an avid musician. He also skis, enjoys boating on Lake Winnipesaukee and working on his summer property in Salisbury. Rich joins Commodore from Cutler Associates, where he has worked as a project executive for 4 years. Over the course of his career, Rich has worked on a wide spectrum of projects, from a historical restoration at Old South Church to a multi-year envelop rehabilitation of the MIT Stata Center.

At the Old South Church, a contractor working on a near-by project, pressure-injected grout around the area to hold back the earth, and ended up accidentally jacking up the Church and cracking it in half. We had to come in and rebuild the north wall of the Church and repair the plaster and gold leaf artwork on the interior…which we continued to do as the Boston Marathon ran by. The view was great from the scaffolding.

They all share the same need to upgrade their facilities. I make it a point to really get to know the members of my team. All three boys are into sports — different sports. Garrett plays baseball and basketball. And Cam plays soccer. Greg comes to us from Suffolk Construction where he has held a variety of positions. He began as a project manager running work for Steward Healthcare in locations across Massachusetts. During that process, he became a subject matter expert for the healthcare operations team on various standard operating procedures — including Lean and Procore.

That means he was the go-to resource for a lot of stuff. In that position, he conducted customized training and implemented corporate initiatives — and traveled a lot. In those years he managed over commercial projects. His portfolio includes the State Street Financial Center project with 26 floors of high-end millwork; the Rashi School with extensive library and auditorium paneling and the AMG headquarters in Beverly, complete with exceptionally ornate woodwork.

Greg is a Continuing Education adjunct professor at Wentworth. He teaches Estimating and Project Controls. They come to better themselves and I enjoy the opportunity to share my experiences so they can advance their careers — and maybe even someday we can work together.

Greg was born and raised on the South Shore. Today he lives in Wayland with his wife, Liz and their two kids. Greg is passionate about hockey. He has been playing the sport since he was 6 years old. He has been a referee for 20 years, primarily for college hockey.

Kevin join Commodore as a superintendent. During that time, he renovated a three-phase, three building rehab of an occupied senior living facility. One of the biggest challenges of that project was replacing the entire plumbing stack in the 16 and floor high rises, while the buildings were occupied. Kevin says that made for some very long days…along with well-meaning tenants who all thought they knew the best way to run the job!

Kevin is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. He holds a degree in Community and Environmental Planning.

The earlier you can take in opinions and multiple points of view, the smoother the construction process will be. Kevin was born and raised in Tewksbury and grew up in a construction family.

His father worked as a superintendent at Suffolk before moving to the property management side of the business. He went on to intern with a residential developer during college.

That was an occupied renovation — occupied by fish and crustaceans — white lobsters, blue lobsters and fish of all kinds. And of course, the very sensitive scientists who study them! John had free access to the entire aquarium for three months and would take his youngest son along on the weekends to roam around while he supervised the construction upstairs.

Before joining Wise, John worked at A. John was born and raised in East Boston. He lives in Wilmington now with his wife Lisa and their sons. John says he chose to join Commodore because of the people here. When it comes to building, I get satisfaction from starting with a concept on a piece of paper and building it.

Right out of school I started as an apprentice and worked my way through to where I am now. We first met Paul in the summer of when he completed a successful internship with our Estimating Department.

He left to pursue his Masters in Architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology and once he had his degree in hand, he joined Commodore as an Assistant Project Manager.

On-Location Innovation Bright ideas and insights into the future of building. Mud Run Guide has compiled a list of all the books (training or otherwise) currently available about OCR, obstacle course racing, and mud runs. When I was doing life in prison, I used to dream about being a father. Thanks to the New England Innocence Project, that dream came true. When my son Joshua was born, I cried - of course - .